Recipe by Smilyn

This is an old recipe that my MIL has kept and still makes. The hubby loves it.

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  1. Stir in a large pot: sugar, eggs, all evaporated milk, and water.
  2. On medium heat, let mixture cook until it steams.
  3. Taste for sweetness, add more sugar if needed.
  4. Add two teaspoons of corn starch to the 2 tablespoons of cold water and wisk.
  5. Add the cornstarch water and vanilla to the milk mixture in the pot, bring to a boil.
  6. Take off heat.
  7. Crush cracker slightly, leaving some big chunks and add one pack of crackers at a time to milk mixture.
  8. Mix well.
  9. Add more crushed crackers if too soupy.
  10. Once satisfied with the consistency, spoon into a casserole dish and spread even.
  11. Store leftovers in fridge for upto a 5 - 7 days.
  12. Note: She enjoys this slightly warmed and my husband enjoys it cold. I like condensed milk drizzled on top.

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