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I am hoping this recipe turns out tasting as good as they say but I have to rate it now based upon safety. I followed the directions and it almost caught my house on fire. At step 3 after pouring the sauce for the glaze over our Christmas ham, I went back to the living room. After a few minutes we heard an explosion in our kitchen. The alcohol had caught fire and blew open my oven door. Thankfully I have an electric oven and not a gas one. We might not have had a house if it had been gas. I let the alcohol flames burn out then put the ham on the stove to cook more of the alcohol out before putting it back in the oven.

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Mysterygirl December 25, 2009

I felt compelled to write a review to put people at ease regarding the threat level of this defenseless and delicious ham. I have a gas oven and made this dish according to directions with not a single explosion, blow out, or eruption of any kind. Except an eruption of FLAVOR. Honestly though, this was a tasty ham, a ham lauded by most of my guests as the best ham in the land. Make the ham. Eat the ham. Love the ham.

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JJS360 April 18, 2011
Crack Ham