Craby Celery Sticks With Bacon Bits

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READY IN: 12mins
Recipe by blackswanst

Tickle your taste buds with these charming Celery Sticks topped with Bacon Bits! Also known as imitation Crab Sticks, the seafood is so economical & versatile. If you were to notice, I use a lot of these crabmeat in my recipes cause it’s so easy to prepare. They’re called “imitation” as it’s processed seafood made of Surimi or Alaska Pollock. In fact, these crab sticks usually do not contain any crab. LOL! Making these Craby Celery Sticks are as easy as ABC & you can give these to your kids as healthy snacks!

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  1. Remove plastic wraps & blanch crab sticks in boiling water. Drain & chop them up.
  2. Remove “veins” from celery by using a vegetable peeler. Cut into 4" or 5" lengths.
  3. Combine mayo, wasabi, crabmeat & pepper. Mix well.
  4. Lastly, scoop mixture onto celery openings & top with bacon bits. Put them in a tupperware, cover it & keep it chilled. Remove when ready to serve & add a drop of wasabi & mayo for guests with heavier taste. Voila!

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