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I followed the recipe exactly (except using orange roughy). There is way too much cayenne pepper in this recipe. We couldn't taste the fish or the crab, due to the cayenne pepper. I liked the idea of making the panko crust, and I will try it again, using Old Bay Seasoning, (instead of the cayenne). There was quite a lot of wasted crust for just preparing two fillets of fish. For ingrediant conversions = 3 oz Panko is about 1 1/2 cups, and 1 oz chopped parsley = about 1/2 cup. These conversions seemed to work about right for the crust.

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scotth1152 October 27, 2013

Loved this! Was stressing about what to make for dinner tonight for my guys and remembered a crabmeat encrusted white fish I loved. Found this one and tried it. I cut the butter in half (used 1 stick) and goofed when I put in double the amount of white pepper so did half of the cayenne. There was enough for 2 big filets of orange roughy and we loved it. A rerun is sure to occur in our house. Didn't have panko on hand, so used the seasoned bread crumbs (with Romano cheese) that I get from our local Italian store and who knew?! It was AMAAAAAZING!

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ecovey115 December 03, 2009

Great recipe.....I had to fudge it a bit though. I had the sea bass but only had a green pepper, panko, crabmeat and parsley. I mixed it all up added some salt, pepper, Tony Chacere's seasoning and a few drops of Louisiana Hot Sauce. I, too, piled it on top of the fish and went from there. My DH loved it and so did I. You MUST use fresh crabmeat for this or you will be dissappointed. Thanks Kerrie for a great dish, company will love this!!

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Chef53Kathy April 16, 2009

great concept, but I think you could improve it: 1) probably one stick of butter would do the trick...with two, it was so rich that we could hardly finish half the batch between two of us 2) waaaay too much cayenne! The first bite about set my tongue on fire. It totally overpowered the delicate seabass flavor. My GF--who is much more sensitive to hot stuff than I--had to scrape off the coating, in order to eat the seabass--while the seabass was perfectly cooked, kinda made the crust irrelevant! Maybe 1/4 or even 1/8 tsp would have done, just to give it a little zing? 3) "discard remaining crust"? with all that butter and crab in it? No way! I coated the fish all the way around (sort of like scotch eggs, but with fish instead of eggs, and crab & panko instead of sausage. Anyway....still very yummy! Nice Valentine's dinner, I'll eat the rest tonight!

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martinmahony February 15, 2009

I made this with Halibut fillets, and it was great! It's a great dish to impress without a lot of work. It only took about 5 min to prep and 25 to cook! Take that Rachael Ray!!

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LindseyKay February 13, 2008

YUMMY! I had never had sea bass before, but heard that it was supposed to be wonderful...and it was. I kinda simplified the receipe a little. I didn't have panko or red or yellow peppers, so I used regular bread crumbs and a green pepper. And I didn't do the whole parchment thing. i just mixed it all together, piled it on top of the fish and banked it. I made extra of the crab mixture and threw it in with fresh, sliced up mushrooms, squash, zuch, and brocc and just baked it all. It was a great dinner. Thanks Kerriedoll!

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digidana1966 November 17, 2007
Crabmeat Crusted Chilean Sea Bass