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This is very easy to make and has a very elegant taste due to the blue cheese and crab. I used canned crab meat which is less pronounced than the imitation crab. The lady I made these for loved them. I did substitute dry white wine for the water and mixed the oil and wine into the filling rather than sprinkling over. Since I wanted an appetizer instead of a side dish, I used two boxes of baby bellas and chopped several of the stems into the mix as well.

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Bill A. September 30, 2003

very good, but i followed the recipe for 12 servings and wound up with stuffing for 24.

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jay January 28, 2002

Love the flavor of the blue cheese/crab/parmesan. I only made 4 medium mushrooms so cut the recipe way back. The recipe does sound like a lot of stuffing even for 4-5 large portabellas. I didn't mix the oil & water but lightly sprayed on olive oil just before putting them in the oven.. I used artificial crab, I did not saute the onion nor garlic but added them raw. Oven time perfect I floated a piece of foil over the mushrooms for the first 20 minutes and slipped them under the broiler for the last 5. They were served for Sunday brunch consisting of New crop Texas red grapefruit, Omeletes filled with stir fried red, green & yellow sweet peppers & hot chili sauce,, anchovie fillets and herring fillets on the side, toast coffee etc etc Thanks DeniseI will use this recipe as an appetizer with small portabellas next time

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Bergy January 18, 2004
Crab Stuffed Portabella's Singing the Blues