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Definitely a winner ~ should take top prize for best of the best!

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Crystal in Vancouver July 25, 2003

If you are looking for a real nice tasting light curry sauce, this is the recipe to try. I used some cut up button mushrooms which I had tossed on top of the dish prior to baking... and they added to the dish. I would doubled the amount of mild curry powder for a slightly richer taste next time. I also added some chopped up cilentro with the tomatoes when served... along with plain white rice. This is a wonderful presentation dish with the yellow curry sauce and red chopped up tomatoes. Try it!

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Skipper/Sy July 26, 2003

I love this recipe, and everyone else eating did too! The instructions were clear and the result was mmmm mmmm good! This was so good. I hope it wins the contest!

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Like2Cook July 25, 2003

This is FABULOUS! I definitely know what I'll serve if I have a dinner party any time in the near future. This is so lovely! Im a curry finatic, so I used just a tad more curry powder, hehe and just a touch more cayenne :-) I made only 3 servings, because I have a picky family! haha. This is beautiful and delcious. Definitely a recipe for my perm. file :-) thanks!! GOOD LUCK!

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love4culinary July 24, 2003

Well I think I found the winner!! This was just outstanding, of all the recipes I tried, this is the one I'll be doing for company. From begining to end the taste was marvelous. The stuffing has just enough heat to make it interesting, the chicken was cooked perfectly, still moist and the sauce brought the whole thing together. And what a perfect ending, scrumptious Swiss cheese. The topping of tomatoes and parsley was a great choice to finish it off, the coolness against the heat of the stuffing and sauce. The butter and the wine made a special addition to the taste, the curry was just right, not overpowering. I used immitation crab and 2% milk, I can imagine it would have been even richer with cream, (although it didn't call for cream) and real crab, maybe next time. I have only one complaint (very small), the recipe said 30 minutes prep time, that was way off, it took me an hour to get it to the oven, maybe I'm slow, in any case next time I'll make it in the morning or even the night before and by the way it was worth every extra minute it took to prepare. The cook time was right on perfect. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Thank-you for a perfectly wonderful dinner, this one will go in my hard copy.

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Derf July 08, 2003

This is completely delicious. There were just the two of us here for dinner tonight, so I scaled it for two. Worked very well, but I found I needed to cook it for maybe 5 minutes less as a result. DH says that it's restaurant quality. Good luck in the contest!

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*Pixie* June 27, 2003

This was an easy recipe to follow- just make sure you have all the ingredients before you begin! It helps to slice the chicken breasts to make them thinner, as well as pounding them. Bigger breasts would work better for the rolling step.(that sounds weird!) I had extra "filling" which I plan on freezing and saving to use as a filling for fish. I also used toothpicks to help hold them together. My husband and I liked this dish, but our 14 yr. old son was freaked out by the curry!

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Randy333 July 29, 2003

Just a bit to long to prepare for me but the taste is great. I love curry so I added and bit more.Did not have white wine so added chicken broth. That may have changed the flavor a little, but still good.

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Bertsy Davenport July 28, 2003

This is a recipe that you could serve at the most elegant dinner party or just for someone special at home. The presentation is beautiful - the taste equals the presentation. The chicken was moist, beautifully browned on top & the finishing touch with red tomato and parsley. just set it off! The curry sauce was not a strong flavor but rather melded into the other herbs and enhaced the flavor. I cut the recipe in half - no problem. The instructions were very clear - easy step by step instruction turned this gourmet recipe into an easy do at home feast.. An added bonus was the ability to cook this recipe in a toaster oven ( it has been very hot here). I loosely covered the chicken with foil just floating loosely on top for the first half hour - and for the last 15-20 minutes uncovered it to get the chicken and the cheese golden. The only difference I made to the recipe was that I used Madiera wine not white. This recipe will be a regular for special guests - Thank-you super creative chef

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Bergy July 27, 2003

This was very good. The crabmeat stuffing was great! The curry sauce needed a little something, but I can't put my finger on it..pretty good none the less. I made one breast without the cheese topping and one with...good both ways but I think I preferred without, as the curry sauce is pretty thick and didnt really need the extra melted cheese. Fairly simple to make and not time consuming. However, I did cook mine only about 40 minutes and I they were slightly overdone for my liking, so you may want to watch the cook time. I will try this dish again and will definetly use the stuffing again.

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Kelly M. July 02, 2003
Crab Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Curry Sauce