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If you are looking for a "very special" supper entree to prepare for your spouse on a special occasion, this has to be among the top choices. The flavor is delicious and the presentation is quite impressive. I made one change to the recipe -- at the last moment, I chose to use imitation crabmeat (roughly chopped) and it turned out just great. I would make (DID make) three amendments to the recipe to make life easier for the next chef who takes this one on. The first is, an old chicken frying trick -- after dusting the stuffed breasts (pat them dry with a paper towel!) with flour, let them sit aside for 1/2 an hour or so before further drenching and dredging. This makes the coating stick MUCH better to the chicken. I did this and all the coating stayed firmly attached during the frying and subsequent baking process. The second is, you will NOT need 7 cups of bread crumbs -- you can easily get away with half that amount or even less, keeping the other "dredge" ingredients the same. The third is, because I was using bone-in Breasts (I cut off the "rib" section), I increased the baking time to about 55 minutes and the chicken was still very tender and juicy. Now, as for flavor, this is the perfect meld of chicken and seafood (which can otherwise be tricky). I made up the filling on the night before and it was so munchable, I had difficulty resisting just eating it all on crackers! I will say that this is probably not a dish for kids who are enamored with McDonald's. This is an elegant entree for those who enjoy fine dining -- and fine it was! Great recipe, Kitz -- you've done it again!

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Bone Man January 10, 2006

Just finished making the filling and just popped it in the refrigerator overnight. Followed the directions to the letter and the filling alone is delicious. Must try!

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Realalist December 24, 2012

Now this wowed the company! thanks so much for sharing. used a lb of crabmeat and bit more cream cheese. YUM YUM

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PrincessPage April 02, 2008
Crab-Stuffed Chicken Breasts