Crab Stuffed Artichoke Salad

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 40 mins

This recipe came from House & Garden, June 1956. I buy cooked lump crabmeat to save time.

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  1. Cut the stem of the artichoke flush with the base and slice off the tight top leaves.
  2. Snip prickles off each side leaf with scissors, if desired.
  3. Boil for 25 to 40 minutes in salted water.
  4. The artichoke is done when an outer leaf pulls out easily.
  5. Drain well upside down, and while still warm from cooking, prepare for salad.
  6. Press leaves gently back so that the artichoke lies open like a flower.
  7. Pull out the cone of undeveloped white leaves.
  8. Scrape out choke with a spoon.
  9. Chill.
  10. Mix the crabmeat, celery, bell pepper, onion, and mayonnaise together; add nutmeg, salt, and paprika.
  11. Heap this on the artichoke heart and decorate with capers.
  12. Pass a bowl of mayonnaise at the table.