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I made this for my parent's anniversary the 30th of June. I MUST state first that I did NOT have five spice, OJ from concentrate, pickled ginger, or rice vinegar. I used allspice, more mandarin juice, white vinegar, 4 oz tofu pureed for the mayo, fat free half & half, and everything else. What a refreshing salad! The kitchen stayed cool for once ;) A word of warning - be sure your ingredients are dry and well-thawed. I ended up with a soggier salad, but that was purely MY fault. The arugula added a bite and bitterness I enjoyed. I like the crab/mandarin combo as well. But I felt the salad was SO much better when I added frozen, thawed peas and pineapple chunks to it and used my usual salad dressing - salsa. The salad dressing (the way *I* made it) was okay, but I greatly prefer my salsa. I'm sure I'd feel that way even if I made your dressing with all the ingredients - I'm just particular that way. I'd LOVE to use your base salald as a template for future salads! Thank you

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nomnom July 11, 2003

This is very interesting! I thought that I might be overwhelmed by all of the orange, but it was just delcious, and almost refreshing! I cut the recipe down as I dont have 8-10 people to serve lol, but its all the same! The arugala and the spinach really do make a difference in this salad... I would not replace them with other greens. I used just a small amount of the dressing on my salad because I dont like to drown my salads lol :-) it was very good however... and I will use this the next time I have a bbq or picnic to go to. I think this would be just perfect!

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love4culinary July 09, 2003

So much flavor my mouth was alive!I would cut down on the 5 spice. I used real crab skipped the arugula. Just use all the dressing because the leftover dressing started to I guess you would say ferment(bubble)!

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Rita~ July 31, 2003

Good but ordinary.

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Brian14 July 26, 2003

Why go to this much trouble and use "imitation" crab meat? I would use real crab meat.

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Nita Holleman July 03, 2003

This salad was just wonderful! The variety of flavors and textures made every bite so interesting. I did make a few changes, mostly based on availability of items. For the green, I used some pre-mixed salad greens that included both arugula & spinich - very convenient. I omitted the 5 spice, as I didn't have it. Used less tomato & more asparagus, again, based on what was on hand. I do wish I'd had the half & half for the dressing; I didn't & used milk. The dressing was terrific - very flavorful, but I am sure the half & half would've made it even better. Also, I blanched the asparagus. I think having it raw would've been too hard core for my family. The ginger & the orange was a great combination that I probably would've never thought to put together. Often, when a recipe has a lot of ingredients, I'll pass it by because I am usually looking for something to whip up quickly. I will say that this recipe is absolutely worth the effort. Thanks, Aunt WoofieWoof!

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Judy from Hawaii May 30, 2004
Crab Salad with Orange Spice Dressing