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for you crab rangoon lovers these are great. I never made them before and they are really easy to make. I used a little more cream cheese the second time I made them as a matter of personal taste. This is a keeper recipe.----thanks

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john connolly2 July 17, 2002

YUMMY!! Kids loved and so did us adults, one of the wayyyy better crab rangoon recipes out there! THANKS A BUNCH!!<br/>Update: made 3-26-2013: Still yummy but may almost double cream cheese next time and add a few splashes of milk, double worcestershire, and up the garlic. Made em quick and simple. Put the wrappers in muffin tins and fill with the mixture then bake at 350 for about 10-13 minutes. still yummy without all the grease! Crispier shell but also not as light and airy.

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Chef GreanEyes March 26, 2013

I make these all the time, although with modifications. I use imitation crab because we have shellfish allergies in the family, and it's much less expensive. I use more worcestershire sauce, a little ginger, and green onions. I also usually add spring peas, defrosted and drained, or chopped broccolli florets, slivered snow peas, etc as a way to sneak more veggies into the kids diet. Because of the age of my assemblers I use water instead of egg to seal the edges, and we make them ravioli shaped using two wonton wrappers per rangoon rather than triangles. They're a bit bigger with more filling, and easier for the kids to make. Frequently they're sealed a little too zealously and are leaking filling before they even make it to the fryer, but generally they hold together quite well while frying. I've also noticed a definate difference in brand names of the wrappers we've used and I'll only get the Azumaya brand now, as they're lighter and crisper. The square wrappers are smaller than the other brand but because we use a different shape it's not an issue for us. We really love these, and make triple or quadruple batches and freeze them for reheating later. Thanks!

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TwirlyGirl February 27, 2005

This is the BEST recipe EVER!!! I added 2 more oz. Crab Meat ((Imatation Crab Meat)) and I used 16 oz of cream cheese and doubled rest of recipe!!!! OMG It was amazing!!! My husband and I LOVE Asian Food, We go out to eat there its out Favorite place well, now he said "No Need Now! My Wife Out Cooked The People Whose Been Doing All There Life!!!!!"<br/> Thanks Food.com I couldn't have done it without you!!!<br/>Food.com User For Ever, Crystal

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Crystal S. January 24, 2014

Outstanding! I make these all the time now to snack on.
I do add a thinly sliced green onion to the mix, and go a bit heavier on the garlic and Worcestershire sauce.
Also, I usually bake the in the oven instead of frying them (425F for a few minutes).

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squid_pro_quo January 22, 2013

I can't believe I made these! They were so good and so easy. Perfect with yakisoba.

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Jazz Lover April 29, 2012

This did not taste like I expected it to. Had a very dominant cream cheese flavor, but it could also be that my "dash" of something may be very different from another persons. My boyfriend doesn't like rangoons, but he liked these. Something completely unrelated to the recipe is that the only wonton skins available to me fry up very thin, almost chip-like, and I have never ordered rangoons where the skins were that thin, so I was wondering what brand of won-tons you were using? I tried doubling the skins, but the inner skin would not cook properly when I did that. I would try this recipe again with less cream cheese, and more crabmeat, and more worcestershire sauce.

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jamieisjewish December 13, 2009

We LOVED these! Next time, I may add some green onion to give it a bit more flavor. They were pretty simply to make. I found myself taking them out of the fryer pretty quickly because they all seemed to form a little air bubble. I also learned not to rotate them in the oil or they would pop. Definitely a keeper!!!

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wittlebit83 September 18, 2009

A definite crowd pleaser! I omitted the worcestershire sauce since I didn't have it. It was a hit at both potlucks. Everyone was waiting in line for these and Kittencal Sweet and Sour Sauce. Thanks!

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MsLuTu September 09, 2008

Although I'm not a huge fan of cream cheese, I love crab rangoon! I was making this for a crowd so I doubled the recipe except for the cream cheese. I used 8oz of reduced-fat cream cheese (the typical package size where I live) to two cans of crab meat. The result was fantastic. I thought the seasonings were perfect as-is. We served them with store bought sweet and sour which was fine. A friend and I (we're 21 and avid cooks) put them together in the wontons and thought we were being careful, but apparently not careful enough. Nearly every single one exploded in the oil to some extent. We found that the wontons with less filling were least likely to explode, probably because they were easier to wrap.

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wruwtrix December 08, 2007
Crab Rangoon