Crab Avocado Mango Stack

Total Time
30 mins
0 mins

This is one of my favorite appetizers at a local seafood restaurant. I loved it so much that I've recreated it at home. It makes enough for two generously portioned stacks.

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  1. Mix last 8 ingredients (mayo through Tabasco), & refrigerate.
  2. Use a dual open ended cylindrical mold to form the stacks. (If you don't have a mold, use an empty clean soup or veggie can with both ends removed.) Place the mold onto the serving plate.
  3. (use half of the ingredients in each mold).
  4. Gently push down the avocado slices into the bottom of the mold.
  5. Mix together the mango, jalapeno, red bell pepper, & red onion, then gently push down on top of the avocado layer.
  6. Gently toss the crab with the refrigerated mayo mix (remoulade), then gently push down on top of the mango layer.
  7. Carefully slide the mold off of the stack and chill until ready to serve.
  8. Serve cold.
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I had this once at a restaurant and always wanted to re-create it. This is so delicious. My husband and I love that we can make it at home, it's even better. This recipe ROCKS!

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this looks like something I ate at Outback minus the mango. I am going to try it ! It was so yummy and the mango probably takes it over the edge.