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This was such a last minute thing.. I was afraid it wouldnt come out right. To be honest, Ive never made anything like this! I was able to ge ahold of some wonderful asparagus, and thought about it being one of the ingredients in contest, so I decided to search through the contest recipes for a light dish to for dinner. This caught my eye..although I was a bit worried because Id never made anything like it before, but it turned out just beautiful! The flavors are rich and splendid! The addition of garlic and parmesan really make this dish. The addition of crab was quite different(im not a big crab eater hehe)! It is very important that the tomato isnt over-cooked.. just heated, and I liked that that was mentioned, because it would turn to mush if one is not careful. The instructions for this recipe were very easy to follow, and I am happy to say that this was my first successful "tart"!. I think I might add a slight pinch of turmeric to the dough next time for added color! I love to add a hint of color to crusts...it makes it even more exciting to look at..hehe. Thanks for the recipe! I will be making this again!

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love4culinary July 13, 2003

Yummers to the max!!!! Love this. I didn't chop the tomatoes, just sliced for the top PRETTY! And used the tops of the asparagus for the top, too. Lovely tart. Made for a taste of yellow event LiveSTRONG.

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Caroline Cooks May 18, 2008
Crab Asparagus Tart