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This is Absolutely Fabulous! I haven`t made eggrolls in like 25 years! Fun to make as well to eat. They did disappear fast with lots of Oohs and Aahs! I added baby shrimp to it as well.

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Rita~ July 31, 2003

Absolutely delicious! For those who do not want to spend the money on crab meat, imitation crab is a good alternative here. I have made this recipe a few times and definitely give the original recipe 5 stars. The last couple of times I've made it, I added a few diced fresh thai chilies and a splash of rice vinegar. Just a bit of added heat and acidity. Perfect for my tastebuds! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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yeehawkate February 17, 2014

These were fun to make so and went over very well with the family. The peanut sauce and the duck sauce were the bomb! I couldn't use the crab though 'cuz it was wayyy too $$. Shrimp, however, was on sale and it turned out excellent. Added note: I have made these a few times now and they always turn out nicely. Never a problem with leftovers with these babies. You don't have to make all the sauces, I love the duck sauce!

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Notherjack April 14, 2012

I am simply going to review the Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce portion of your recipe. :) Hope that's ok. I made this to go along with several dim sum I made tonight. We loved it--didn't change a thing. Thanks for posting, and I do plan to make the actual egg rolls at some point, but wanted to review the sauce since we enjoyed it. Thanks!!

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spatchcock March 11, 2006
Crab Asparagus Egg Rolls with Three Dipping Sauces