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Ihave tried this and took it to work as many are on some type of diet and it fits their plan too. If you are watching your weight use the WOW tortilla chips! I even liked it alone with no chips!

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Sandy One June 26, 2002

I didn't even need to wait for the 24 hours in the fridge to rate this. Excellent! Oh my goodness it just really has a wonderful taste. I used Splenda instead of sugar. I could eat this as a salad without the chips. Thanks.

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Bogey'sMom January 14, 2004

The sauce is the key!!! We eat this just as a salad.. I use what I have in cupboard for beans, peas, onions and peppers...The longer it sits the better it becomes. I have also sub-ed honey for the sugar and it was just as good.. also used olive oil

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chef janell February 08, 2010

This was awesome! I made the following changes: cannelini (sp?) beans for the pinto beans, black beans for the black eyed peas, and yellow pepper for the green pepper (more color - tastes sweeter). The only change I might make for next time is that I might use a tad bit less sugar. This was a do over!

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HeatherDiane January 06, 2009

Good with a few tweaks. I use one can of black beans, one can of black-eyed peas, 1/2 of a red onion finely diced (instead of the green onions), scrape 2-3 cobs of fresh corn, finely dice 1 jalapeno pepper and skip the can of peas. For the dressing mixture...I use 1/4 cup of canola oil, 1/8 cup white vinegar, 1/8 cup cider vinegar and 1/4 cup sugar and boil until sugar is dissolved. Then I squeeze in the juice of 1 lime into the mixture and let it cool. When cooled I pour it over the bean mixture, add some salt or pepper if it seems too sweet, dice up 1 container of cherry or grape tomatoes and combine well. Cool it in the fridge overnight. I add this to a salad with chicken, cheese and a hint of Ranch dressing, scoop it up in tortilla chips or just dive in with a spoon with the fridge door open. I have brought a big bowl to work and it is gone before lunchtime!

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Grandmakristin July 14, 2008

This is so good and refreshing! I have recently moved and had one of my BF's and her DH over for supper to payback for many meals at her house. I served this as a side dish along with grilled chicken tenders, UC86 BLT salad and Marg's Herb and Cheese Biscuit Bites. They raved over it and took the recipe with them. They have a home on the river and plan to serve at their family gatherings. It was so easy to make and the veggies were crisp and flavorful. A great summer dish or all year long. Thanks Merlot!

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Bobtail May 19, 2008

A long over due review for this easy to make combination that makes a great appetizer - and a wonderful salad side. Tried but didn't manage to find the shoepeg corn, subbed with Peaches and Cream corn niblets which worked very well for me. Served with Tacos and scoopers, have made and served this as an added side as well. We love bean and corn salads and this one makes for a great addition to my family favorites cookbook. Thank you for another Merlot winner!

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Gerry October 10, 2007

Made this subbing with canned peaches and cream corn niblets, black beans and adding a touch of garlic and jalepeno pepper. This went very well along side of some freshly toasted garlic salted pita chips. Thanks for a nice recipe.

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andypandy September 09, 2005

Well, yipee,yiyo,kiya!! isn't this just a wonderful little number...I whipped up a large batch of this wonderful dip for my party tomorrow. I have no idea as too what shoepeg corn is, so I just used regular corn niblets, used black beans in place of the black-eyed peas, also I added some fresh garlic to the mixture and used some olive oil with some Canola oil, and subbed regular white onions for the green onions. I'll be serving it with an assortment of chips...what a winner this is, thanks Merlot for sharing!...Kittencal:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz December 10, 2004

I made this recipe to take camping and was it ever a hit!!! Everyone wanted the recipe so I of course told them where to look!!! I used black beans instead of black eyed peas. I also added some fresh garlic to the sugar mixture as it was cooking. I was brainstorming different ways of using this with my brother-in-law and we thought adding this to grilled lime/cilatro chicken and wrapping it up would be very tasty indeed. Thank you for posting this recipe. I will be making this one a lot I am sure. Thanks again.

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Paddles July 18, 2004
Cowboy Caviar