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I scaled this back for 3 serves but when I went to make it I discovered I did not have chickpeas so subed with corn kernels and I put the vegies in the sherry and spices for a couple of hours before cooking them in the frypan but only allowed 3 minutes as I had diced them small and that was all they needed and then out of sheer habit I mixed the vegies with the couscous and served on the individual plates and we all enjoyed as side. Thank you Aunt Cookie for posting and to Annacia for recommending, made for I Recommend tag game.

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I'mPat May 30, 2012

As with the previous reviewer I made this a an entree and it was dinner in and of it's self. I made a 2 serving size and also found that the veggies cooked faster than ask for as I don't care for sherry I just omitted it and as it was only 1 tsp I didn't bother to replace it with anything. I mixed the veggies and couscous together and had sliced tomato on the side. The allspice and mace are an interesting note and I enjoyed this.

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Annacia January 23, 2007

I prepared this not as a side but as a healthy entree. Added 1/2 of a diced zucchini to the vegetable mix as well as a few slices of red pepper in order to add some additional bulk to the dish. I found that my vegetables were done at 5 minute, not 10, so keep an eye on your pot. I liked the way the sherry combined with the allspice and mace. And the pepper gave the combination a spice back note. As an entree this makes about 3-4 portions. Mixed the leftovers together to make a lovely salad for lunch tomorrow. Thanks Aunt Cookie.

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justcallmetoni September 25, 2006
Couscous With Vegetables