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I took this Cous Cous salad to a large family gathering the very first time I made it. It was such a beautiful salad I put it in a glass bowl and received many "Ohhh, that's a beautiful salad, what is it ? " comments. When I mentioned that it was a 'cous cous salad', they took a small spoonful and tried it and immediately came back for more, then for more again...there wasn't any salad left to take home as I had hoped. Young children also came for seconds. This salad is very light and almost on the bland side of the scale but it was a delightful addition for the spicy BBQ foods which were in multitudes. The peppers and carrots were a nice crisp texture which contrasted nicely with the cous cous. The raisins added a very nice sweet surprise and the onions again were another wonderful contrast to the raisins. At first taste I thought, this salad needs something else, but believe me it did not. It was "just right" and I would not make any changes to this wonderful salad. I will make this salad regularly and it was put in my book of 'Favorites' the minute I got home from the BBQ. grammajune Lerch

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June Lerch June 08, 2002

We enjoyed this salad with our dinner tonight. It was a nice, light addition to the meal. I liked that it is made ahead of time; cuts down on chaos during dinner prep. It makes a lot and will be more than 4 servings for us. I subbed raisins for the currants. This will definitely be made again during the summer.

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Ducky January 16, 2004

I loved this! I subbed raisins and olive oil and also added some chopped almonds. It made a ton (6-8 servings) and the flavor is really subtle and delicious. It's a perfect summer dinner. The only thing I'd do differently next time is chop the onion much finer!

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BurgundyS May 12, 2009

Delicious! The flavors combined are amazing. I found that the salad had an excellent flavor the first day, the second day it mellowed out a wee bit. Good recipe! I highly recommend it.

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Mrs. Duncan Mahogany July 16, 2006

This recipe was excellent, I also found it was much more than 4 servings. I subbed raisins for the currants as well, and added chopped walnuts. The walnuts gave it an excellent nutty flavor in combination w/ the raisins. It was delicious.

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alweheg May 12, 2005
Couscous Summer Salad