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We loved the recipe. We eat a lot of couscous and this was a nice change. We really enjoyed the cranberry part the best. It also had nice colors. This salad also tastes great leftover because the flavors blended together.

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Caryn Gale December 10, 2002

This was an easy recipe to prepare, but it made MUCH more than I thought it would. Anyway, it's wonderful--almost a meal. I will definately make this again. Harriet

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Harriet Ohlstein November 01, 2002

I really enjoyed this, which I had anticipated. DH was not impressed, but given that it took a long time to teach him to eat anything besides meat and potatoes, I can live with that. My youngest DD didn't like it at all, but she's a picky eater anyway. I decided to split my rating between my opinion and give them a little credit...but very little mind you. I plan to include this for dinner Monday evening when my parents come. I anticipate they will be much more receptive to something out of their 'norm'. It has a distinctive flavor all its own. Being more accustomed to more or less neutral couscous, it took me a few bites to adjust to the sensory perception. I will make this again in the future, but in a much smaller quantity for just myself. It will be great for a light lunch this coming week when everyone else is off to work and school as I rarely cook for 'just me'. Thank you for sharing this recipe Mirj!!!

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Cindy Lynn October 12, 2002

My entire family loved this salad, even my 11 year old sons and my 16 year old daughter. However, I am giving it a less than perfect rating becasue of its high fat content, not because it isn't wonderful tasting.

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Marsha Mazz May 03, 2003

Thank you for posting Mirj! I only changed two things. I omitted the peas and switched the basil out and used cilantro instead. Those alterations were necessary due to what I had on hand. A nice bright salad. I plan on serving it with crab cakes or baked cod but I bet it will go nicely with chicken as well.

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AQueen March 18, 2014

I scaled this back for 1.25 serves and as a side was enough for 3 of us, I had an :oops: moment in that when I went to make it to discover no cucumber so had to omit it but otherwise made as per recipe and it was delicious though the lemon flavour was a little overpowering so would cut back on that a little but otherwise was a very much enjoyed side, thank you Mirj, made for Name that Ingredient tag game.

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I'mPat September 27, 2013

We loved this. I cut a little bit back on the olive oil and lemon juice and used dry roasted walnuts instead of the pecan nuts (pecan nuts are uncommon in Denmark). Thanks for sharing.

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zenveg April 01, 2010

Served this today to my mahj group and everyone went back for seconds and thirds. I used Israeli couscous cooked in the two cups of water and tumeric, but according to the package instructions. I also used about 1/ 2 cup of chopped pecans but otherwise followed the instructions exactly. Dd also loved it and wants to take it to school for lunch tomorrow.

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helowy May 18, 2009

Mirj, I loved it! Loved it! Ate it for two days straight, and hoarded the leftovers. Pathetic. But, I'm hesitant to review it because, well, I made it with what I had in the house right before Shabbat, and so left out the peas, cukes, and scallions. Instead, I used finely chopped vidalia (sweet) white onion, and a little less basil (tho not much less) I also only had cherry flavored dried cranberries, and they were pre-chopped, so I used those. My friend mixed this together with the Israeli salad I served (standard fare: chopped cuke, tomatoes, scallions and peppers, seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and salt), and she said it was perfect that way. So, for my purposes this is a 5 star recipe, tho I "followed" its instructions the way...I usually do!

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Sarah Chana May 14, 2007

Loved it. Here are a few notes. 1. This was definitely a grown-up salad in our home. The children didn't care to try it. 2. Would make a great Christmas dish with the red and green color scheme. 3. The recipe makes a lot. Thanks to other reviewers I halved the recipe and we had plenty for two people for two main dish size meals (four very large servings with some still left over). 4. It is best served room temperature. 5. I left out the lemon zest and cut the garlic and didn't miss either. The dressing was nice and subtle and didn't overwhelm the other ingredients. I had rather large scallions and there were just a little too much of them versus the other ingredients, so add green onions based on their size. Thanks Mirj; I've been enjoying a number of your recipes.

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Donut Chef January 13, 2007
Couscous Salad with Dried Cranberries and Pecans