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So clever! Easily prepared, my DH started helping himself immediately, but I popped in the fridge, and indeed, even better a little later! My DDs also loved them! I used about 100 gr of bacon, chopped finely and fried gently, and I think I might finely mince a small onion next time and add that too, maybe leaving out the onion powder. (Or adding them both!) This was a lovely recipe and I'll be making it again, especially to take to parties, a great hit! Thank you, hope2day, made for PAC Fall 2009

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Karen Elizabeth September 28, 2009

I was looking for a new side dish to take to a 4th of July picnic and my friend Chocolatl recommended this recipe and I am very happy she did. These are great and I could not help but eat a couple tomatoes while I was stuffing them with the filling. A paring knife worked better for me than a serrated spoon when cleaning out the tomatoes. I used one small shallot in place of the onion and garlic powder and Kraft mayonnaise instead of Hellmanns. Did not find an 8 ounce jar of bacon bits so I used half of a 4.5 ounce bag of bacon bits. For us that was plenty of bacon and still left the filling a bit creamy. I will make these again!

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lauralie41 July 08, 2010

I made these for a block party, and everybody who tried them loved them. "Out of this world" and "delicious" were two of the comments. My husband didn't want me to bring them to the party; he wanted them all to himself. If you have any left, they're good chopped up and added to a sandwich. Made for Bargain Basement Tag.

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Chocolatl September 21, 2009
Courts Italian Tomato Appie