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Made this for the RSC #15 contest. I honestly wish I could give this a better review. I found the recipe confusing, in fact it is two separate recipes. Adding the thin slices of garlic in after pan searing doesn't make sense to me. And roasted garlic you say to use a press. Roasted garlic is so soft it is like butter and there is no need to press. And Harvey Bristol cream is a sweet sherry not a dry sherry. I cook with dry sherry all the time and it is much different then Harvey's Bristol Cream. Although the ingredients say to use a dry sherry. I didn't like sauce just spread on the ribs. It seemed like it should of been lightly baked after to treat the sauce almost like a BBQ sauce. The two just didn't work for me. I have had a similar topping with ribs in the past and had hopes, but was not happy with the outcome. I think it has promise, but I would really have to rework the entire recipe. The mojo is a great flavor, but wasn't complimented with the honey mayo topping. I'm so sorry, it just wasn't anything I enjoyed or felt worked well. Best of luck, Kim

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SarasotaCook March 08, 2010
Country Style Pork Spareribs With M-H-M Topping