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These are good, not great. I used sage sausage and sharp cheddar and thought they were a bit bland. I'd use spicier sausage next time, or add some green chilis.

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ksmms March 22, 2013

YUM! I make these with vegetarian sausage but I'm sure they'd be terrific with just the veggies (we are vegetarian). I also made these with sharp cheddar, around 6 oz instead of 8 as I wasn't sure how powerful the cheese taste was going to be. It came out perfect! I have a tiny food processor so I processed half the flour with half the butter, dumped it in a bowl, did the rest of the flour and butter and then mixed everything together in a big bowl. Great recipe!

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Veggie Fam April 07, 2012

I absolutely LOVE these! I make 36 mini muffins and take these everywhere! My daughter at college likes to have a few in the freezer for those gonna-be-late-for-class days but still wants breakfast! I served them at a bridal shower yesterday and very few returned home! VERY popular! I tried using mild Cheddar but personally find finely shredded sharp Cheddar to impart the necessary amount of flavor. I also backed the baking soda down to 3/4 tsp. and I think it could still be less. Will continue to experiment! Thank you for this EASY recipe! (Please try this recipe even if you don't have a food processor! I haven't used mine yet! I do, however, use my pastry blender and it's worked great every time!)

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Singin'Chef April 19, 2009

Hello, I really, really want to make these muffins, they sound absolutely wonderful. The only problem is, you've forgotten to list the eggs in the ingredients and I have no idea how many to add. I'm assuming the recipe only calls for one egg. Do you think you could let me know, or make the correct adjustments to this recipe... and then let me know? Thanks a million, looking forward to trying these.

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ieatfoOOod August 20, 2008
Country Sausage and Cheese Muffins