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Enjoyed this pecan pie a lot, and considering that I live in Southern Alabama pecan country that's saying a bunch! Nice flavor and texture. Baked up nice and heavy. I always add more pecans than it calls for due to personal preferences. I put in a dash of salt too. If you prefer a pie that is a little milder in flavor you can use 1/2 white corn syrup and 1/2 dark corn syrup. It'll still be a great pie!

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Recipewrestler March 22, 2002

I like my pecan pie really dark and rich, so I usually substitute 1/4 c. of corn syrup with molasses, and I always use dark brown sugar. My boyfriend loves it, esp. with a scoop of caramel swirl ice cream on top.

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~Jules~ September 06, 2003
Country Pecan Pie