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very good and easy to make, the mushroom gravy with a little added garlic powder and black pepper was very tasty. I got 4 lbs of cube steak and easily feed 5 1/2 (my daughter doesn't eat very much) with mashed potatoes and green bean casserole as side dishes. I used roasted garlic flavored bread crumbs instead of the crackers, it gave it a very good flavor. I would definately recommend just turning the steaks once and cooking the entire 6 minutes on each side, flipping them over and over causes all the spices to fall off and stick to the pan.

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legzzy McKinsey January 29, 2003

Hugely wonderful. I'm a California transplant, so my husband is always happy when I make anything that tastes like Texas cooking! The steak turned out tender and was done about medium when cooked 6 mins. on each side. I like mine a little more done, I might do it a little longer next time. The "gravy" was wonderful. I trimmed the fat from the steak (we used sirloin), used low-fat milk, and used 98% fat-free soup, to make it more digestible by my California-educated stomach. Really a wonderful recipe, so easy, and now my husband is happy I'll cook fried steak for him. :) Highly recommended!

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ketchupqueen January 13, 2004

I also used Ritz crackers for this and it is wonderful!!!!! Thanks!!!

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sissy79 March 28, 2011

This was excellent. I read the other reviews and it made me want to tweek the gravy a bit. I saute'd some onion and fresh mushrooms chopped small before adding the soup and milk. It was a big hit with my 6 year old and my husband. My 6 year old crushed the crackers, poured the buttermilk in the dish, and helped dredge the meat in all of them. He really is a good cook. For dessert he made dirt cups and all i had to do was measure the milk out. He did the rest, including dividing it all into cups. It was all so delicious.

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bugsmom122402 March 06, 2009

I really wanted to try this recipe for three reasons: I rarely buy cube steaks; I love buttermilk and the coating on these steaks intrigued me; I am trying to save $$$ and this looked like an inexpensive meal. Now, this style of fried steak is not common in Canada, so I was kind of flying blind here, not really knowing what to expect. I think this dinner falls into the "guilty-pleasure" category: after all, there's cholesterol in the meat, trans-fats in the crackers and plenty of sodium in the soup. Ah well, to heck with all that: we loved this! I used crushed Ritz crackers instead of saltines (had some left over from xmas entertaining and this enabled me to use them up), otherwise I stuck to the recipe. The only change I HAD to make was using more than one cup of crumbs; one cup wasn't nearly enough. The recipe wasn't difficult to prepare and the end result pleased my entire family, particularly my husband. It wasn't costly to put together, and now I have some leftover buttermilk in the fridge, too. I still don't know how often I'll buy cube steaks, but I will likely turn to this recipe the next time I do!

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Lennie January 06, 2004

I tried this recipe but changed the soup to cream of celery and it came out just great. Thanks "Indiana Nurse"

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Richard/BigRich Kermick January 22, 2003
Country Fried Steak