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This is a hard one for me to review. It was so easy to make, the taste was wonderfully homey but the final appearance was rather off-putting. I couldn't find frozen succotash per se so I used equal amounts frozen limas and corn kernels. In lieu of other directions, I pre-cooked and drained them. (I doubted that frozen limas would go from zero-to-done with this short bake time) Also, mustard type wasn't specified so I used Dijon. (Good choice) The closest size to a 6-by-10 inch pan that I own is a 5-by-9 and it happens to fit in my toaster oven so the choice was clear on this hot day. ;-) The bake time was perfect, even in a toaster oven. The crust rose up nice and brown and I could see the juices bubbling around the edges so I was home free after 35 minutes. Then the plating – in spite of draining the corn and limas, they still gave up a good amount of liquid that didn’t make friends with the sour cream. In retrospect, a dollop of flour stirred in with the sour cream/mustard mixture to thicken the _gravy_ would have made sense. I will definitely make this again but will tinker with the ingredients to give the results more eye appeal. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I’ll update my review after I make this again!

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SusieQusie July 24, 2007
Country Crusted Ham Bake