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Tested this one out a few nights ago and I had a few thoughts...First, when you get to the part where you add the rice and cook further, I recommend you do that on a really LOW simmer, because even though I thought I had it low enough, the rice mixture scorched some in the bottom of the pan...Secondly, the rice mixture simply didn't reheat well as leftovers, I threw it away, but kept the leftover chicken...Speaking of the chicken, WOW was it tender! When I tried to remove everything from the pot, the chicken fell apart! Popped a piece in my mouth and it was terrific! I just wish I could do something about the rice part...UPDATE: I made it again and while the rice didn't scorch this time, I still didn't like the rice freshly cooked nor when reheated...I only liked the chicken part...Wish I could give a better rating, sorry!

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Cookin'withGas February 04, 2007
Country Chicken and Rice