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The national dish of Barbados when eaten with flying fish;loosely based on the middle eastern cous-cous but the okras make the difference!

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This was a real surprise for me. Being from okra country I was raised on it and love it raw, boiled, fried, or pickled. Of course I had to double the okra. I doubt that it cost more than a dollar to make but tastes like a million bucks. THis is my surprise find of the month. I can make a meal of it with plenty of butter! Thanks hon, I LOVE THIS DISH!

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  1. Put water to boil in a medium-size pot. Thinly slice okra and add to boiling water. Cook for 10 to 12 minutes, until soft. Lower the heat.
  2. Meanwhile, combine corn meal with cold water and mix well.
  3. Add corn mixture to the okra. Add salt.
  4. Mix well and cook on low, stirring constantly with a flat wooden spoon or "cou-cou stick".
  5. When mixture breaks away cleanly from the side of the saucepan, the cou-cou is ready.
  6. Butter a bowl, turn the mixture out neatly onto it, shaking it so that it takes on the shape of the bowl.
  7. Turn it out on to a serving dish, make an indentation in the top and place a knob of butter in it.
  8. What makes it unique and distinguishes it from its now more fashionable cousin the Italian polenta, is the addition of okra. In some islands, cou-cou is spiced up by peppers and yellow-butter.
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

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