Cottontail Bunny Salad

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10 mins
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This is so fun to make together with your kids, and always gets oohs and aahs from children and grownups alike. I remember my mother making a version of this when I was young, so it brings back fond memories to serve it now. For an Easter potluck, I used these as an adjunct to Tom Lambie's Cherry Fluff Salad, Recipezaar #10088, by placing the bunnies on lettuce leaves around the edge of a large tray, with a large bowl of the fluff in the center. Quite a nice response from the group as a result.

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  1. Place pear half, cut side down, on individual lettuce leaf.
  2. Making small slits to help hold in place, add red hot for nose, raisin halves for eyes, almonds for ears, and cottage cheese for tail.
  3. If serving very soon, the marshmallow is a fun substitute for a tail; exposed to air too long, it will become much less appealing!
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I thought your instructions were complete. Sometimes, we have to use our own imaginations too. Perfect for Easter Dinner. Thank you.

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My kids had alot of fun making this themselves. I only put a picture of the mouse of the table with all the ingedents in bowls and they had a blast.

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This was so fun to make and really puts you in the Easter mood! Thanks so much for this cute idea!