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Go Boppie!!! These are a winner all the way! My 5yr old daughter LOVES these meringues. She's walking around the kitchen going "Mmmm, mmmm" I had a small taste and it is taking every bit of self-control I have not to go in there and inhale these little gems. I used raspberry icing flavoring powder (1 tsp) which is red so these came out pink and they really do sort of taste like cotton candy. Mine started to brown by 13 minutes so I reduced my oven temp to 225 and baked them another hour and they were perfect. Dry and crispy on the outside and sort of soft and chewy in the center. I ended up with 22. I've never made meringues before and was surprised at how they puffed up. I've added this to my collection of all-time favorites. We'll be making these often! I can't wait to try other flavors.

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Realtor by day, Chef by night March 07, 2009
Cotton Candy Cookies