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Simply luscious! I can't wait to try it as written, but had leftover turkey and mashed potatoes so made a few changes. I used turkey broth, carrots, onions, celery and peas. I made the broth with a bay leaf, and I did thicken it with flour and lots of turkey chunks. Also, I added an egg to the leftover mashed potatoes, my mom always did that, so I do too. Thanks, Joy for letting me play with your recipe! Made for Make my Recipe Reunion, 2012

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pammyowl November 23, 2012

First time I ever had a Cottage Pie and I can tell you that it won't be the last. Thank you JoyfulCook for sharing this delicious recipe. It was easy to make with excellent results. The flavor of the meat is exceptional, we really enjoyed it. I used a combination of leeks and sweet onion with the meat and green onions in the mashed potatoes. Loved the flavor that the bay leaf adds to the dish. I will be making this again often, into my keeper box, this goes. :)

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Baby Kato July 20, 2010

I agree with an earlier reviewer that this recipe is bland. First of all, and I knew this going in, cooking the meat & vegetable mixture for an hour, then baking it, completely cooked out the flavors, even though I added more seasoning than called for. I even made the tomato paste from my own delicious greenhouse tomatoes. If I make this again, I will reduce the stock separately of the meat, which I will add to the reduced stock and vegetables at the end. I made my own garlic/chive mashed potatoes, which have nothing to do with this recipe, and they are the best part.

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annwhal January 29, 2015

I really liked this. At the last minute, just before topping with the mashed potatoes, I added about 3/4 Cup of frozen peas to the meat mixture. Didn't bother to thaw them, figured the warm mixture and the baking would work to heat them just fine (it did). I added some grated cheese to the top of the mashed potatoes and that gave it a very good extra flavor. No fresh mushrooms in the house so I used a small can of sliced mushrooms. I added extra Worcestershire Sauce (1 or 2 tsp. I suppose). Baking in a 350 deg. F oven did not brown it much so I turned it up to 375 for the last ten minutes. Next time, I'll bake it at 400° F for the 25 or 30 minutes cooking time. I liked this from the first bite and I liked it better and better as I continued to eat it. I'll be making this often during the upcoming cold weather. I've no basis for comparison since I've never had Cottage Pie or Shepherd's Pie before, but I really like this! Thanks for posting this.

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Redox November 20, 2013

The family demolished this in seconds, but while cooking, it nearly drove Dog crazy. His black lips parted showing me his white canines in his peculiar doggy-smile kind of way. He repeatedly ran one side of his head along my leg. Dog's at my mercy. Make no mistake. He relies on my grocery list. (Uh oh, better go check my charge card.) Made for A-NZ Reunion Recipe Tag.

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gailanng November 10, 2011

Very tasty recipe. I added extra parsley and some shredded cheddar cheese to the potatoes. I also used instant potatoes because I was short on time (fortunately no one seemed to notice). Because I didn't have fresh carrots on hand, I stirred in a can of sliced carrots just before placing into the baking dish. Also, after adding the stock I cooked on medium heat stirring constantly in order to reduce the liquid quickly rather than simmer over a low heat. It thickened nicely on its own. Everyone loved it and DH has asked that I make it again.

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Kcps96 March 08, 2011

If you are an experienced cook I would not recommend this recipe. It turned out great but only because I had to add a ton of other ingredients to it to get rid of the blandness. Also a bit confusing on how much onion goes where. First it says to cook the diced onion then later on in the recipe it says to use one of the onion and cook with the potatoes. What is the point of that? The boiling water dilutes the onion flavor. I also added an egg to the potato to give it the brown crust outside. This is a good BASE recipe but as I said if you make it exactly as written it will be very bland. It is rated high and I couldn't understand why. After I made it I went back and read the reviews. My ultimate pet peeve had taken place, If you are not following the recipe exactly don't rate it! That means you are rating your recipe. People are saying it was so wonderful "I added this and this and this and changed this" etc. Well, then you just changed the whole recipe, lol.

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Kelliemusic August 28, 2010

Yum yum yum yum yum!!! I love it (can you guess?!). I ate two huge portions. I have to confess to having used Auntie Bessie's frozen mashed potato, but the meat was exactly as per recipe. Wonderful. will make again :)

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schia April 09, 2010

We had this dish tonight with a nice crisp salad. It was wonderful! I did cheat, tho, and used instant potatoes-- also added a little bell pepper and red wine to the meat sauce. Thanks for sharing.

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ebbtide December 19, 2009

Yummy. I've been testing cottage pie recipes. I really like this one because of the mushrooms. I put a can of chopped tomatoes in place of the tomato puree. I did not use oil, but browned the meat, drain and discard grease, put meat aside and saute the vegys in the same pan, the mushrooms release enough fluid so the vegys were not burnt. I added a tablespoon of flour to thicken the gravy. Thank you.

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Nado2003 December 16, 2009
Cottage Pie-Simply the Best