Cottage Cheese / Sour Cream Casserole

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

From Eastern Europe, this is a pre-lenten dish served during the time between Meatfare and Cheesfare Sundays (week before lent). At this time we abstain from all meats and concentrate on dairy products (before they are restricted for lent).


  1. Thoroughly cook bow tie noodles as directed on package (past al-dente).
  2. Add cottage cheese and sour cream, mixing thoroughly.
Most Helpful

My mom called this Hungarian mac & cheese. My kids love it. I always use butter and lots of salt and pepper. Sometimes I add poppy seeds too. Definitely a comfort food from my childhood.

ToniBaloneyGirl September 09, 2008

We always had this made with shell pasta when I was a child. I have been making it with bowties as well but any fun shape could work! We use light sour cream now and 2% cottage cheese. We tend to use a little less sour cream and a little more cottage cheese. My daughter-in-law was recently in Iraq for a year. She started mixing this for herself in the mess hall as there was almost always some form of pasta and sour cream and cottage cheese available! Soon other soldiers were doing so as well and it became a favorite alternative to mess hall food! It sounds too simple to be good but its really a terrific comfort food!

valeriebaker September 01, 2006