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Wow, what a delicious and easy-to-make bread! I haven't baked for ages and a recipe like this was exactly what I needed to get me back in the habit. I kneaded this for about 5 minutes -- just for the exercise. Used fresh chives and dried oregano. The kitchen was quite chilly so the risings took extra time, but I had already allowed for that. Thanks for posting such a great recipe. Better go start another loaf now because the first one is long gone. By the way, my photos are before and after baking.

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Leggy Peggy April 13, 2011

Absolutely delicious!
Perfect blend of seasonings in this bread
I ate too much of it because it was so good.
Crusty outside, soft inside

Note: I only baked it for 35 minutes; I also used 2.5 cups bread flour

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lovegymnasts March 03, 2012

This is amazing! I put it all in my bread machine and the outcome was fantastic. Paired it with homemade soup from my crock pot and dinner was a snap. That you for a simple, great tasting way to use up cottage cheese that I never would have thought of.

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kgreeneyes December 29, 2013
Cottage Cheese Bread