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I can't wait to try this. I love cottage cheese and love sandwiches that are healthy. This looks amazing. It may be great with a spinach wrap as well. I'll let you know. Looks great. ---------------------------------------------- Made it tonight and took it over to a neighbor for her lunch tomorrow. She took care of my cats while I was away so I thought I would treat her to lunch. She avoids most meats and loves to eat healthy so I figured this was perfect. I added a bit more garlic, just a bit, and I did leave a few of the ribs in the pepper for a little heat but not too much. I also added black olives, thin sliced. I tried it with the curry but wasn't sold, but I am NOT a curry fan and wasn't sure if she was either, so, I went with 1/2 teaspoon. I took over a little box with fresh made pumpernickel bread, the spread and some arugula so she can make her sandwich tomorrow. We both tasted it on some crackers and she and I both loved it. It is a great alternative to a heavy meat sandwich and it is so fresh. Excellent recipe!

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SarasotaCook July 12, 2010

Just lovely! The addition of the rice vinegar makes the difference. We had this on dark rye bread and on crackers. Very flavorful and nice balance of fresh and dried herbs. I used fresh jalapenos and basil from my garden and will absolutely make this again. We love cottage cheese and find it a nice alternative to meat on a sandwich. This would also be great as a stuffing in celery or tomatoes. I did use extra jalapeno after tasting as we enjoy things a little hotter than other folks. We Texans love our jalapenos.l Thanks, Sharon, for a lovely recipe! Made for football pool, week 5, 2009.

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pamela t. October 18, 2009

Awesome idea, will definitely be making this again soon. The amount of salt almost ruined it for us though. Husband tried to tell me but I was determined to follow the recipe! Next time more like 1/2 tsp salt, yikes! Otherwise we are grateful for the addition to our collection. Thank you.

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Chef Pollo September 20, 2007

This is such a great lunch. I made the spread as written, but omitted the curry as I wan't sure I would like the flavor combo (not a big curry fan) and I also lost my jalapeno in the fridge somewhere, so I just added some crushed red pepper flakes. I feel super healthy eating this and it tastes great too! Thanks for a yummy lunch!

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CincinnatiKitchen April 11, 2006

I used this for an afternoon tea party for my niece and they loved the sandwiches.(omited the jalapeno) Very Lite, Fresh and Tasty!! Thanks for a great recipe.

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Mar~Bear April 09, 2006

Yummo Sharon. I didn't have fresh basil so I used dried. Also used fat free cottage cheese to make this consistent with the WW Core program. The spread was creamy with these lovely bits of veggies and made a terrific sandwich topped with romaine and alfalfa sprouts. Betting cucumbers and/or tomatoes would work quite well. Planning to take my leftovers to work tomorrow as a wonderful midday snack with cut up celery.

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justcallmetoni April 02, 2006

A yummy and very healthy low-fat spread which I know I'll make again and again. I omitted the jalapeno peppers, I used only about 1/2 teaspoon of salt and I doubled the garlic (personal taste preferences) but otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. I even finally made sure I had some rice vinegar (I've substituted other vinegars in so many recipes now that it really was time to buy some!). The blend of flavours was wonderful. I used this in some sandwiches I have made tonight for tomorrow's lunch, but I sampled it, of course! Two friends and I are heading off to the country for a few days and I'm happy knowing that we will all have a fabulous lunch tomorrow. Thanks for sharing another super-tasty - and healthy - recipe!

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bluemoon downunder March 16, 2006

This is an interesting and healthy spread with a nice mix of textures and tastes. I only used half the amount of peppers, which was plenty, and substituted some grated carrots. This delicious mixture was the filling for a wonderful sandwich on whole wheat bread with lots of lettuce and some tomatoes. This could become a sandwich standard at our house, Sharon123.

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Geema September 23, 2003

This is delicious. The combination of ingredients seems unusual but taste great. The curry powder gives a very lovely taste. I used continental style creamed cottage cheese which is my favourite cottage cheese and very low fat. I only had yellow pepper but this would be very pretty with the combination of colours. This made a yummy and healthy lunch spread on pita bread and topped with grated carrot and slices of cucumber. Thanks, I will be making this again.

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dale! September 23, 2002
Cottage Cheese and Vegetable Spread