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5 star applause from here. I served this (without chicken) on Christmas day alongside a roasted turkey dinner. It's not only a pretty salad, but soooooooooooooo good! It's loaded with goodness and filled the menu beautifully. Definitely company worthy!

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Susie D January 10, 2015

Wow, wow, wow. I really enjoyed this tasty salad. So much flavor and the textures were amazing. It was a quick and easy to make lunch. Simply perfect. I opted to not use chicken. Made as written using arugula, baby spinach and romaine lettuce. Green onions, celery, mandarin oranges, pear, dried cranberries, fig goat cheese instead of blue cheese and salted almonds (didn't have any candied left - someone ate them on me). All these ingredients made for a wonderful treat. I really loved the dressing, tart, tangy sweet and delicious. Thank you for sharing a recipe that I will make again. Made for Best of 2014.

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Baby Kato February 09, 2015

Wonderful, delicious, and definitely a 5-star review. Made the salad as directed, but substituted a balsamic vinegar dressing. This salad has all the ingredients that we love. I served it with a vegetarian dinner tonight. It was a hit! Made for the Sweet December tag game.

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DailyInspiration December 26, 2014

My friend and I made this yummy salad for lunch today minus the chicken and blue cheese (the cheese isn't available in this wee town). We both loved it and plan to make it a summer dinner dish with the cheese and chicken. Delicious dressing. Made for Sweet December Event.

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Annacia December 22, 2014

What a wonderful salad for dinner! We had this along with an Italian pumpkin pie called "Nusät" so I omitted the chicken option. I candied the almonds with some honey and used a fresh orange because that's what I had. I'll make this again, it was so delicious! Thanks for sharing!<br/>Made for Sweet December Game.

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Mia in Germany December 05, 2014

We loved this healthy dinner salad. I grilled a large b/s chicken breast and then cubed it up to add to the salad. I skipped the blue cheese (allergy) and used regular chopped almonds. The combination of lettuces, celery, apples, nuts, oranges, cranberries, etc... was excellent. The dressing was delicious, too! Yum yum. Thank you! Made for the Holiday Tag in the Cooking Tag Games forums.

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LifeIsGood October 03, 2012

This is a really great salad! I left the chicken out, because the salad had cheese in it, but I found the blue cheese so good! It really is a nice mix of fruits and vegetables, and I don't think I would change a thing! I think it does have a really nice body of flavour without having to add any dressing!

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Studentchef April 13, 2012

Deb, Deb, Deb. . .you have outdone yourself on this one. Hubby and I both LOVED it - and that's saying a lot because we a frequent salad eaters! The only changes I made were to sub lemon pepper for the pepper, decreased the amount of oil slightly and added about a tsp of fresh lemon juice to the dressing. I adored the mix of fruit and veggies and nuts in this salad. A true winner of a recipe that is restaurant worthy! UPDATE: I made this again last week minus the chicken and served it at a party. It was very well received. . .thanks for sharing!

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JanuaryBride October 26, 2010

What a delight of a salad! The dressing was very subtle (I did use a bit less oil) which was perfect for the strong flavors in the salad. What I loved is that no two bites were alike--each was a whole new adventure with so many of my favorite foods as stars! I made a few substitutions: I used romaine and swiss chard for the greens, peeled/sectioned clementines for the mandarin oranges, feta for the cheese, and a hardboiled egg in lieu of the chicken. I loved how the bites with cheese and/or avocado made such a creamy contrast with the crunch of the fruit. OH, and the cranberries are absolutely the stars here. I'm not usually a fan but they really give this salad that special something. Made for Veg*n Swap #22!

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smellyvegetarian May 05, 2010

DEEELISH!!! Made a quick lunch using only the romaine lettuce! I left out the oranges due to preference and I also used red wine vinegar in place of the rice vinegar! This salad was like a taste explosion!!! Oh and I did add the chicken, I had some from a roast chicken the other night! Thanks for posting! Made for PRMR tag January 2010!

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~SarahBeth~ January 19, 2010
Cornucopia Salad