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I just couldn't wait until the weekend to post this. This is the best fried fish recipe I have ever tried. I used catfish because that is what is readily available where I live. There is not a thing that I would change about this recipe. I recommend this to anyone who loves fish. I sure am glad I picked you for one of my chefs.

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Jellyqueen March 20, 2003

I really enjoyed the outcome of this recipe, simple to make and simply delicious. I omitted the cumin because I am not a cumin lover. The only other change I made was to fry the fish in olive oil and butter. I also like to squeeze fresh lemon juice over the top. The crust came out golden brown, crispy and light as air. I loved everything about it!

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Cheeky Meeks March 19, 2011

Well I have never made trout before so your recipe sounded very easy and a bit tasty with nuts and spices. Needless to say, it was a big success!!! The cafe boss ate a piece and said with such cooking I could open my own cafe, so I would like to say Thanks for a great recipe and for helping put another feather in my cap!!!

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Taylor in Belgium July 17, 2006

Excellent. My husband said it was the best trout he had ever had. I used pecans for the nut, ground medium fine. Used whole wheat flour in step 2. Used whole rainbow trout, cleaned but not filleted. For the oil, I used butter flavored Crisco...will definitely make again. Thank you for sharing such a tasty and simple way to dress up trout!

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DogAndCatDoc July 07, 2006

This was so yummy. I made this exactly as directed, and it turned out beautifully. The trout was moist and delicious (mine took more like 8 minutes total), the pecans added a wonderful crunch, and the lemon at the end added a nice zing. The only thing I would do differently is to shake off the excess cornmeal a bit more. It's just delicious as is. We had it with roasted potatoes and a green salad with pears, bleu cheese, pecans, and a light vinaigrette. Excellent - we'll be making this again. Great recipe, SlipC!

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Lizzie-Babette December 29, 2004

This was pretty good. My husband liked it. My kids ate it ok. They are always finicky with fish though. I think my fillets were a little thin so the batter was a little overpowering. But I will make it again with another type of fish. Thanks for sharing.

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LizAnn July 07, 2004

Great recipe! The cornmeal crust kept the fish (steelhead trout) nice and moist and also added a great crunch without being heavy or greasy. It was very easy to prepare, too; the only change I made was to substitute ground flax for the ground nuts, due to family allergies. Everyone loved it and all the kids (even the 2 yr old!) had seconds, raving about it between every bite. ("Better than chicken nuggets," oh my!! ;o) Even dh, a southern boy raised on deep-fried fish, loved it. I may keep a few ziplocs in the freezer with the dry ingredients already mixed up, just for quick dinners. I served it with Marie Alice's Creamy Lemon Rice (#76321) for a nice pairing. Thanks so much for another wonderful recipe!!

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winkki June 08, 2004
Cornmeal-Crusted Trout/Catfish