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My husband is English and loves pasties, which are hard to come by in Oklahoma! I made this using premade pie crusts, and doubled the filling ingredients. I split four premade crusts in half and made eight pasties. They were terrific!

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Donna Sowerby November 27, 2003

I thought these were really really tasty! I used a whole lb. of ground beef, 2 large red potatoes, a large yellow onion, double spices, a few dashes worchestershire and some garlic powder... and added carrot. We made them smaller than 6" diameter, prob more about 4", which worked great because we made them as a heavy appetizer for a party and the recipe made about 25. DO NOT forget the mango chutney and make some kind of beef gravy- really adds great flavor! The dough turned out great- used a tip from America's Test Kitchen and substituted half the water for vodka= perfect!

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tinafja March 18, 2012

Using raw filling as opposed to pre-cooked really did make a difference; the pasties were much juicier than I've had. However, I found the filling itself fairly bland. I added some Worcestershire sauce beforehand, but no dice. I do plan on making this again to tweak the original recipe- for example, maybe with the addition of fresh herbs and garlic instead of dried, or perhaps even a crushed beef bouillon cube.

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melilia April 06, 2011

Very easy to make and wonderfully tasty.

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rowwdy728 November 08, 2014

It never would have occurred to me to toss the ingredients together raw. Most of the pasties' recipes I've come across indicate to cook the meat first then stuff. That doesn't always work for me. Although this is simple to make, it is rather time consuming especially with a toddler in tow demanding this and that. We're dreaming of these with variations: "cheese burger" style with Tillamoook cheddar cheese, Greek style with lamb and oregano, etc...One small turnip was added because it seems to be the tradition. I used a food processor to mince the onion and turnip, too and made sure the potatoes were diced small enough in order to cook all the way through. Fresh herbs form the garden: parsley, purple sage, thyme, French tarragon. Accompanied by Strawberry Salad W/ Poppy Seed Dressing. Recipe yielded sixteen pasties. Reviewed for ZWT 6.

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COOKGIRl June 20, 2010

We enjoyed these very much last night. First time we've eaten pasties and they were a hit! I added diced carrot, just because I thought it would be nice. I used thyme, sage and a tiny bit of rosemary. Very nice meal and I will make them again. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Made for ZWT6.

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Pesto lover June 20, 2010

Very good. I was reluctant to add the herbs...but it was okay. I made 4 large pasties because we were eating them as our entree for dinner along with rich beef gravy and Creamed Potatoes and Peas. They were too big. These are very filling. Made for ZWT #6 -2010.

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CarrolJ June 19, 2010

I'm a 'Yooper' and can buy the pasties, but prefer to make them myself. I've always had problems with the crust, but this crust was perfect. To cut down on the cooking time, I use frozen hashbrowns (the cubed ones). I also substituted the lean ground beef with chopped sirloin. Lots of pepper in the mix is the key to a delicious pasty and you MUST add rutabega or turnip for it to be truely authentic! Thanks for the recipe!

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Scibba March 15, 2008

I only used the short crust pastry bit of this recipe and it turned out nice. The crust was crisp, flaky, and became nice and golden brown. I had to add more than 2 tbs of extra ice water to get the proper consistency. I filled mine with chicken chunks, potatoes, carrots, green peas, onions, and garlic in a thick chicken stew sauce. Thanks for the recipe, we'll make it again for sure.

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ieatfoOOod December 05, 2007

Living in Michigan and having just returned from vacation in the U.P. where pasties are sold on every corner, my husband made me promise I'd make him some. I used premade pie crusts as well and cut in half. I also added shredded carrots and some shredded rutabaga as traditionally they are made with these. Instead of the gravy I subbed 2 beef bullion cubes dissolved in 1-2 tbsps water. Served with a brown gravy, my husband raved about them!

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Judi Zock July 04, 2007
Cornish Pasties