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ground beef? carrots??? my Cornish grandmother is rolling in her grave. I'll use the crust recipe but the filling is only steak, onions, potatoes, turnips and salt and pepper. NEVER ground beef and certainly no vegetables.

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fuff May 09, 2011

Sadly, this is NOT a CORNISH miner's pasty! As before, ground beef isn't used. It should be skirt beef, cubed. Neither should there by turnips (the Cornish name for a swede or rutabaga) or carrots. Pasties are never served with gravy, because there should be sufficient juices from the potatoes and meat to do that - maybe a knob of butter can be added.

So, it may be a meat pie, turnover or whatever, but it can't be called a Cornish Pasty. In fact, if you tried to sell them like this in the UK, you'd be banned from using that name!

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AndyN September 11, 2011

Every home is different. Every cook modifies the recipes to accommodate her families likes and dislikes. This is a well written, detailed recipe, thank you for taking the time to post it.

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susanjorgensen June 18, 2015

I haven't gotten to eat any, but I made a batch of these for my man to take to work for lunch, and he LOVES them. I froze them (he's not exactly a Cornish miner, but it still works). He takes one out of the freezer every morning and reheats it in the microwave for his lunch break. Oh, and I did make the pastry that goes with it. I ended up with leftover filling and had to make more pastry. I think next time I will make a double batch of the filling and a triple batch of the pastry.

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Neohippie January 15, 2010

I just made a batch of 5 yesterday. I changed it around a bit. I added butter in the pastry instead of lard, and left out the turnips (didn't have them), and gravy. Pasties are not served with gravy, in fact, not even with hamburger meat, should be cubed beef, but still, quite good. Next time I will get beef and cube it, and also will leave out the butter for a filling, too much butter, but I will use beef stock instead (wish I had some Bovril). Also, the pastry only made 5 thin pasties (large ones) not 6, so I would have to increase the pastry portions accordingly. Still, I never made these before, but used to eat them in England all the time (yes, I am British). Will make them again next week. And the choice of vegetables, really, you can add what you like, it isn't rocket science.

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Tony B. June 28, 2015

I've already reviewed this recipe and my question is to the lady Debber: what, in your estimation, is a " traditional Cornish street "? Cornwall is a very large county located in the Southwest of England and, in some parts would like to gain it's independence from England, and you make it sound like it's a small town or village! You, obviously, have a limited knowledge of UK geography and a romanticised view of British history! If you can't give accurate and informed reviews on here then just don't bother, will you?

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Neil C. December 14, 2013

That's right! No ground beef, carrots nor gravy! My husband is from the UP in Michigan. They would NEVER make them with ground beef, cat tots nor gravy! Best pasties are from the UP!

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Gollie November 22, 2011

Very good. I felt that there were too much potatoes and carrots for the portion of ground beef the recipe called for, so next time I'll double the amount of beef. As others have said, I also was left with a lot more mixture, so I'll be doubling the pastry dough as well. Additionally, instead of using the cream of mushroom soup gravy, I used recipe 204187 for beef gravy, which was perfect with th the pasties!

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melilia November 11, 2010

Very good! My husband thought it would be nice with more beef and some mushrooms, peas, and corn. May try that next time. The "cream of mushroom" gravy was okay, but we will try it next time with brown gravy. Thanks for the delicious recipe!

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Pale Rose August 20, 2010

These are very good and filling! Made 2 kinds here. Made individual crescent shaped pasties using ready made puffed pastry sheets and a big pie using the recommended pastry since it was difficult to fold. Tastewise, both were equally wonderful even if the pastry sheets had different tastes. The crescent ones were ready to go, have softer crusts and could be eaten as is with or without the sauce, while the pie with the brown biscuit texture topped with mushroom gravy's just so delicious and homey. I'm sure having it as individual pasties would be equally great as well. Despite making 2 kinds, I still had a bunch of leftover filling enough to make another batch. Thanks, Debber! Made for PRMR.

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Pneuma April 26, 2008
Cornish Miners' Pasties