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It's a good recipe.

It however fails to mention that you need to put the cabbage in the last hour. That's why many of you are getting overcooked cabbage. Also.... the potatoes should be put in the last 2 hours or so. If you cook them from the start they WILL be brown and mushy.

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CreamOfWeber August 18, 2012

wow! this is the only way to go. i followed the recipe almost to the letter. only exception was i also, like many other reviewers, used a whole can of beer. my corned beef was a little over 3lbs. i cooked it in my 51/2 qt. crockpot. after 9 hours, it was perfect. i removed the corned beef, and covered it with foil. let it rest at least 20 minutes before cutting. i did rinse the corned beef before cooking, did not use the liquid in the package. however, i did use the seasoning packet, and added a dozen whole peppercorns. like others have suggested, use a flat cut, not pointed. oh, also cook it fat side up. this keeps the meat even moister as the fat is an insulator, and the fat slowly melts over the beef. this will be my go to recipe for corned beef.

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jackcheese_11416616 January 08, 2012

Fantastic! This was my first time cooking corned beef and it went very well! I followed the recipe exactly as written. I did, however, take the suggestion of other reviewers and soaked it, but only for the amount of time it took me to cut up the other ingredients. We used Sam Adams Honey Porter beer and I definitely suggest using a good beer as it infuses the brisket. We cooked it for 10 1/2 hours and couldn't wait to tear into it when we got home from work. Thanks for a great recipe! **Update 2/5/10** Made this again., still amazing! This time we used Sam Adams Boston Lager and we agreed it was even better. Hope this helps someone!

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JennyLynn99 February 07, 2010

Fabulous! I've been following this recipe as my base recipe for CB&C over the past 3 yrs, tweeking it with a few minor variations, & it comes out great every time! We've experimented with different beers, from lagers, porters, stouts (like Guinness), red ales & IPAs. We've found the hoppier beers work the best, such as pale ales, red ales & IPAs (IPA being my favorite). They give excellent flavor to the meat & veggies. A note on the cabbage: since this is being cooked over a long period of time, we put in the cabbage for the last 2 hrs or so. If you cook the cabbage for the whole 9 hrs, it will turn to mush. Thanks for posting!

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scubapanda March 18, 2011

This was the best corned beef I have had in awhile. The only exception was adding a whole can of beer, although the roast does make more juice, it still was nice and tender and easily pulled apart with a fork! The only thing is, you need a real big crockpot because I was unable to put as much cabbage in it as I would have liked! But all in all, great! Will use again! Thanks!

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KristyLynn1481 January 21, 2010

This was a hit at my house! I used the whole can of beer and it didn't see to be too much. The crockpot was quite full. I rinsed my brisket before putting it in the crockpot and I did not use the seasoning packet that came with it. My husband loved it!

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smlusk February 06, 2010

I'm reviewing this based on techniques and cooking methods because when I went to make it I found that someone had consumed the beer (lol)!! I substitued apple juice for the beer and was very pleased with the resulting flavors and textures of this meal. People who want to drink their beer - or not - will find that one cup of apple juice does not make this sweet so is better than water as a substitute for the beer. We'll make this again - thanks papergoddess!

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Acerast March 18, 2009

We really enjoyed it. I rinsed the corned beef then only used half the seasoning next time full pack. It's a keeper!

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FromKatesKitchen September 29, 2009

This corned beef had good flavor and was very easy since I didn't have to add veggies later as with some recipes I have tried. Next time though I will use a dark beer as I used a light beer the first time and couldn't taste any difference from other recipes I have used without beer. I gave it 4 stars because it was so simple to put together. You definitely need a BIG crock pot though.

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WINNIE246 May 12, 2008

Very good. My husband and I had a dinner guest, and we all loved this recipe. Only thing was that I was unsure if I should use the spice packet that comes with the corned beef. I used half of it. Everything turned out great!

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starsugarb October 05, 2003
Corned Beef in Beer (Crock Pot)