Corned Beef and Gruyere Pan Fried Sandwich

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Total Time
5 mins
15 mins

Delish fried sandwich that is great for lunch or a hearty snack. Tastes great with turkey, mortedella, corned beef or even salami. Original recipe from Super Food Ideas magazine but adapted to my families tastes.

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  1. Butter bread and place 4 slices buttered side down on board. Top each slice with cheese, corned beef, 1 tablespoon of chutney and 1/4 of the spinach. Season with salt and pepper. Top each with slice of remaining bread, buttered side up.
  2. Heat a large heavy based frying pan over low heat. Place 2 sandwiches in pan and cook for 3 - 4 minutes or until bottom is golden. Carefully turn sandwiches over and cover the pan. (covering helps cheese melt). Cook for further 3 minutes or until bases are golden.
  3. Repeat with remaining sandwiches. Cut sandwiches in half and serve.