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Oops, I forgot to rate this last time. I had no idea making corned beef myself would be this simple! I actually used this to make corned venison - I had about 3 pounds of meat so I made 1/3 of the brine recipe. I let it brine for 6 days (in a gallon size freezer bag) and it turned out great. I think even people who don't like venison would like this... and I imagine it would be even better with beef. I'm starting another batch today!

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mayness February 21, 2010

This is a late entry for a wonderful recipe - used this last year to make an awesome corned beef. PULLED 'ER UP TO USE AGAIN & REALIZED I HAD NOT REVIEWED. My total bad! This makes a wonderful corned beef - I let ours brine for 7 & 9 days (had to cut into 2 pieces). Likely because I brined longer, I found my beef benefitted from bringing to a boil & pouring off the first water, replacing it & proceeding with cooking. This is an awesome recipe - I made a much leaner product that tasted better than bought & was way less expensive to boot. Oh, plan ahead on your fridge space - it takes up a chunk of space. Thanks Feingold Mom for a real keeper - at least once a year anyway!

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Buster's friend February 24, 2009
Corned Beef and Cabbage...the Right Way...