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I know this one and love it. Makes a Great tender brisket. That 4 cups of water should be cold when you start. And if you can find some Parsnips they go well replaceing the carrots. It'll vanish quickly, {grynn)so save some for the sandwiches..

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T. Woolfe August 16, 2002

As a FIRST TIME PRESSIRE COOKER user, I have one wish...that someone, either the online pressure cooker manual or this recipe would have instructed me to place a kitchen towel over the part where the steam comes out. When it was time to release the pressure, I had it pointed toward the back corner of the stove and was surprised at the amount and force of the steam. The back of the stove, blacksplash, neighboring counter and toaster oven and everything within at least 3 feet was covered in Corned Beefy steam before I threw the kitchen hand towle over it. When I re-opened it after adding the veggies, I used the towel to open it and that worked perfectly. All of you first timers, that steam is SERIOUS!

Aside from that, the recipe was great. I had bought a pre-packaged corned beef that was seasoned and had the spice packet. So I added some dehydrated sliced garlic and bay leaves to that and it was great. I even forgot to skim the broth and it was still great. I was expecting the broth to be gross because I didn't skim, but it wasn't. It looked great.
I couldn't believe the potatoes were fully cooked after just 6 minutes.
I depressurized after the veggies and left everything in the pressure cooker for about 90 minutes until dinner time and the veggies got a bit more done than I like--probably because I left them in. But the corned beef was so tender and flavorful it was ridiculous!
Next time I'm also going to try adding turnips & parsnips!

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sky181 March 17, 2011

I have made this several times and it is wonderful everytime! I add about a tblspn of pickling spices and 1 bottle of Odoul's with enough water to cover. Sometimes I don't use any vegetables, but I've never been big on boiled veggies. One thing I would like to say to beginners is to make sure you add your garlic and spices AFTER you skim. I didn't and it is difficult to skim the foam and leave the spices. She does specify in the recipe but I just wanted to reiterate it.

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nsomniak6 December 03, 2009

This recipe is so delicious. It's going on year three of using this recipe (more than once a year!). Comes off without a hitch every time and cooked just right, with such flavor! We like to half the water add make up the other hal with apple juice. Yum! Time to start it soon for tonight's St. Patricks day dinner!

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educate2inspire March 17, 2010

Yes, recipe is good but I was unable to get all the cut vegetables in the pressure cooker.

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mombay04 January 21, 2010

This was great! I used a 6 quart pressure cooker and actually did two 3 lb point cut Corned Beefs. (I cooked the veggies seperately.) I'm at 5200 feet altitute so I added 1/2 cup extra water and tacked on 15 more minutes. It was moist, and tender and got rave reviews all around. So much simpler than the "boil for 5 hours" - this is what I'll do from now on. Thanks!!

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Mrs. Rum March 16, 2009

This is a great method for preparing corned beef. Make sure the water covers the meat. It is easiest to remove the fat layer after the meat is cooked. I cooked the vegetables separately, so they wouldn't absorb as much fat and salt. Delicious!

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Maito March 18, 2008

My husband and I LOVED this. Quick, easy, and flavorful.

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djnlosr April 27, 2014

I suggest you consult your cooking times for your pressure cooker. I followed the recipe and later on found out that my cooker suggested only 25 minutes, not an hour! No wonder the meat had scrunk up to half the size it started.<br/>The flavor was good but may have been better had it not cooked for 1 hour. Overall, the recipe is good, just watch your times.

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K M. March 21, 2014

4 cups was not enough, USE more water or better yet beer! Completely cover the meat so it doesn't dry out. We burned the pan pretty bad... couldn't smell it cause the exhaust fan was pulling all the smell out. A least the meat wasn't on the bottom (grateful for the strainer that saved our corned beef) so it wasn't that burnt. Was tender but not falling part. Will try this recipe again.

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rani1876 March 17, 2014
Corned Beef and Cabbage/Pressure Cooker