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This was an incredibly easy dish to make - so easy in fact that even my DH was able to put it together during his lunch break before going back to work! :) When we both got home we didn't have to worry about chopping up any vegetables to put with it. We also used the juices to make a beutiful gravy and just dished it all up. It was a great one-pot meal! The only thing I would do next time, and this is just personal preference and something I usually find with corned beef anyway, is to maybe soak the meat for a few hours in hot water to get rid of some of the saltiness in the meat. Either that, or to pour the water out half way through cooking, add in some fresh water and finish cooking. This is a meal I will certainly make again. Thanks Sussan!

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Sazza July 15, 2008

Really great simple recipe that tasted fantastic! I served with a little cheese sauce over the top of the beef. I also used a little extra water to cover the carrots, however my slow cooker is a large one so the quantity you specified would probably be OK for a standard crockpot.

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Peter J July 25, 2006
Corned Beef and Cabbage - Crock Pot