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This is an Excelent cornbread mix! Born and raised in Texas, I find Jiffy mix way too sweet and recipes with no sugar kind of bland. This recipe has just a "hint" of sweetness, not too much, not too little, just right. My father, 63 years here in the south LOVES it. Don't let 3/4 cup of sugar to 8 1/2 cups of dry ingredients scare you, it is just right. To make it "cake-like" it would need at least 4 cups of sugar, according to most cake recipes (and Jiffy mix, which is cake-like). I used this recipe to make my sea food cornbread dressing and it is fabulous! Of course, you can leave the sugar out, you can even use half or all buttermilk, you can even bake it in a skillet if you wish, but I would try it as is first. Vel, you made no mistake by adopting this recipe, it is a keeper!

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Chipfo September 28, 2009

I used this to make Southern Cornbread Dressing for Thanksgiving this year. It baked up absolutely beautifully. I didn't feel that it was too sweet at all. 2 cups of this is also a perfect substitute for a package of Jiffy Mix or other similar commercial cornbread mixes. This is absolutely the most wonderful recipe! Kept in the freezer, it is just as convenient as opening a package. Thank you, Velvetinenut, for adopting and posting this magical recipe!

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Rose is Rose November 26, 2007

I used this in Corn Casserole. This worked out so well! I love how easy it is to throw together. I am sure that it isn't as easy as opening a box.. But here in Ontario, I don't get that option! So this is 5 minutes well spent! Thanks for posting this lifesaver!

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Saturn July 19, 2006

This perfectly acceptable cornbread was used in Chili With Cornbread Dumplings, Chili with Corn Bread Dumplings. I also made 1/4 of the recipe, ending up with 2 3/4c of dry mix. I used 1 1/2 eggs and 1 1/3c milk and it worked perfectly.

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sugarpea November 26, 2005

Jiffy Cornbread Mix isnt available in Ontario, this recipe is excellent. It took seconds to throw together, I made up 1/4 of this mix to use in [recipe=4178]Cornbread with Corn[/recipe] and it turned out prefect. Great thing to have on hand if you like cornbread.

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Tara November 15, 2004

This is a great mix, I used it to make corn dog muffins and they turned out great. I didn't want to make the whole amount but decided to and put it in the freezer. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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drinkmore October 03, 2012

Thanks for the recipe, but it was way, way too sweet. It made for a nice, sweet cake-like batter, though, and those who are not connoisseurs of cornbread will probably like this. This is more of a cornbread cake, not cornbread. There is not any sugar found in any true southern cornbread and buttermilk is the favored liquid, not milk. There are many and varied home recipes for cornbread, but none of them have sugar in them, if they are true southern cornbread recipes. It should also be baked in a cast iron skillet reserved expressly for cornbread. I would call this a Cornbread Cake Mix and let it stand on those merits, as it was tasty.

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Lutie July 28, 2007
Cornbread Mix