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Had a last minute request for cornbread and no eggs, so this recipe saved me a trip to the store! Thanks for the other reviews that gave me a little more confidence to experiment further with what I had on hand. I used 2% cow milk, only 1 TBS of vinegar, 1.5 cups cornmeal, .5 cup flour, melted butter instead of oil and added some sauteed onions (1/2 a cup of them raw, which cooked down to I don't know how much, added with the wet ingredients). It was very well received at the potluck!

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hmdecoy-mood February 12, 2010

I did double the sugar as suggested by other reviewers. I will never again search for a cornbread recipe. No special ingredients needed, all stuff in my kitchen on a regular basis. This is cornbread, really cornbread that is safe for all the members of our family including the egg and dairy allergies. I used regular old AP flour and processed sugar. Store-brand soy milk. This recipe worked great for a non-vegan who must cook in a vegan-like manner.

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kestral February 26, 2009

I made this last night....wanted cornbread and there was only 1 egg in the fridge. Instead of using soy milk and vinegar, I used buttermilk and honey (in addition to the sugar) as another reviewer suggested. I only had 1 cup of buttermilk, so I used 1/2 cup of plain yogurt with it. The cornbread came out very moist and dense, and was quite delicious. My husband loves moist cornbread and he really likes this. I'd like to try it again with the right amount of buttermilk, I'm sure it would be a little less dense and hopefully just as moist.

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bktray June 28, 2012

I had no eggs so I searched online for an alternative recipe and found this one. I made an account just to express how wonderful the cornbread turned out. It was moist and didn't have egg smell or taste. I love it and will continue to use this recipe. Next time I will add fruits, corn or other ingredients but as a basic cornbread this is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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Gyoza August 14, 2013

Delicious! I love cornbread and so does my family. I also make a no-egg cornbread using yogurt. The result is so creamy and moist: http://diymomblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/easy-cornbread-recipe-without-eggs.html

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diymom75 March 10, 2013

I can't believe how good this cornbread turned out to be. After making vegetable stew I realized I had no eggs for cornbread. Thank goodness I found this one! I used buttermilk instead of the soymilk and vinegar. I also added a healthy dollop of honey. It turned out to be the best cornbread I have ever made. Thanks for the recipe!

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Scarletbeg March 03, 2012

I was actually using a completely different recipe, when I got to the last ingredient and realized I had no eggs! I did a quick search and found this. My recipe had similar ingredients, but different measurements. I wound up adding some vinegar and baking soda to mine. They turned out great! I don't know if the additions helped (thanks to this recipe), but they definitely turned out fine without the eggs. Yay!

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kopns October 19, 2011

Great recipe! Like others, I was avoiding a trip to the store for eggs, and this worked perfectly! I actually used a 8.5 oz box of Jiffy cornbread mix and then added half the milk, vinegar, and oil called for in this recipe. I wanted to make a more savory bread because I was using it to cover beans in a casserole dish. I used balsamic vinegar, olive oil and 1% milk and then only added about a tsp of salt and sugar since I was using the Jiffy mix (didn't need to add the baking powder etc.) Made a wonderful topping over the spicy beans. Very moist! If you are in a hurry and looking to cheat a little I would highly recommend trying it with the mix.

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eleech12 February 24, 2011

I was out of eggs so I found this recipe on the internet. Just finished eating and me and my husband made 'yummy' noises all while eating it. I was not a cornbread lover but am now. Very moist and just the right sweetness. Delicious!

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moogirl58 June 01, 2014

I love how easy to make and versatile this recipe is. However, I don't like using white flour, and with whole wheat the bread gets kind of dry. If you're going to use whole wheat (even if it is whole wheat pastry) instead of all-purpose, I recommend adding some frozen or canned corn kernels to moisten it up.

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keltiekay November 25, 2011