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Thanks for posting this Mimi Bobeck!! I made these for dinner the other night + they were sooo good! I served them with a chili lime butter + salsa :> They were much more filling then i expected (Belgian waffle maker) . A great dinner twist for vegetarians ;> (cooking times vary depending on the iron. Mine is also new + i cooked for 2 minutes, then let sit for 2 minutes. Mine came out great!) Another great idea, (when i was a cook we made these) corn waffles, with a mango salsa + lobster tail meat. Thanks again! x0x0

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Shelob January 14, 2009

These waffles were pretty good, however I had to change the cooking instructions, as heated for one minute on and two off didnt work at all with my iron...I tried twice cooking for one minute on, and then turning it off and tried to cook longer than 2 off, but they were not cooking properly...(and my iron is new, and in perfect working condition) I cooked them for a few minutes with the iron on and it worked fine. I served them with a delicious warm salsa with black beans, and some shredded cheese and it was a nice twist for waffles. I think I would have preferred them with a little less corn (and I think less butter, maybe I'll use 1/4c safflower oil next time), but they are pretty good as is. Also, I think its important to mention that when adding the whites to the batter, it is very important that one knows to just fold them in, and not stir or mix them through/thoroughly, else the waffles will not come out as they are intended to. Thanks for the recipe. I'll try these out again sometime :-)

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love4culinary August 04, 2003

I swear, my son doesn't like corn, but he loves these waffles - this is really the only way for me to get him to eat corn. Hubby loves the texture and I love this with a slice of melted cheese over it. Gotta try this!

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lesleyb April 07, 2003

Very good waffles espically for lunch.Thanks for posting.

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Barb Gertz January 07, 2003
Corn Waffles