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I have been using this same recipe for years and we LOVE it! But believe me, don't leave out the salt! Using this recipe, I now make my enchilladas "grandma" style. Stacking enchilladas,lasagna style, like we learned while living in New Mexico, instead of rolling makes great individual casseroles. Yummie!

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lesliecoy March 25, 2008

Oh, YUMMY! Thanks for the detailed instructions, they made it quite easy. Funny, it never dawned on me to make my own tortillas until I spotted a metal tortilla press for sale on a very top shelf at Rancho Market. I have made them twice now, and found that the addition of about 1/8 t. to 1/4 t. of xanthan gum to the flour makes them a little less likely to disintegrate. There really is no comparison with the store bought ones. These are tender and chewy, rather than stiff and dry. I can't wait to have one with mashed pintos and tabasco for dinner tonight.

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Erin R. June 30, 2010

This is pretty much the recipe from the Masaca bag, but less water. I like it a bit dry because it's easier to roll and peel. I like to roll on a masa dusted silicon baking mat and use half a zip-top bag on the top (Mexico style). I roll exclusively with a wine bottle. Great variation is to substitute 30% wheat flour (#118085). Can also be made with PAN from Venezuela -- a precooked corn meal, that is not soaked in cal/slacked lime. Increase the water to 1:1. PAN tortillas are a bit tender and crumbly -- add flour for strength.

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i and s June 15, 2008

Sigh, I had some trouble with this recipe but know it was all on me; I thought I had the dough just right (looked good to me) had added about 1/4 cup extra water, looked like dough - but when I rolled it out cracked and fell apart. From your notes sounds like I didn't add enough water. However; even with that mistake, the taste was great and we still used them just broke up in the taco's instead of rolled. Actually pretty good, guess it was more like a taco salad. I'm going to keep trying though - with the taste being so good just can't give up

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Bonnie G #2 August 17, 2014

I've tried tortillas before but never had as good a success as I did with this recipe. The others were just ok and a pain to make because they kept sticking to the tortilla press. Your instructions solved that problem, thank you! The ziplock bag is a must...they peeled right off, nice and round without tearing. I did add the guar gum as someone else suggested. Next time I'm going to add some lime juice just for kicks. Thanks for sharing!

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Lisa Gay January 27, 2014

I never buy tortillas at the store any more. You can also add a little taco seasoning or cumin and chili powder with salt. I use the press and press between two ziploc bags. I also use a large electric griddle for cooking them. I put two down, make another, flip the first, make another, flip the next. They can dry out if they are kept warm in an oven, so what I do is just stack them on the end, but instead of putting the new tortilla on top, I put the new one on the bottom. The steam coming up from that one keeps them all perfectly moist. You can skip the wax paper with a griddle because you cook up more than one at a time (I do six small ones).

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MsTeechur June 21, 2013

Very good recipe. I like mine a little wetter, so I added 1/3 cup more water. but the original recipe works, making a drier, slightly thicker tortilla. I use a 1 gallon plastic freezer bag with the sides slit (no oiling needed) and a flat-bottomed heavy pot to press the tortilla pressing down hard on the edges of the pot and twisting slightly back and forth.

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Red Apple Guy July 26, 2012

I prepared 12 big corn tortillas with this recipe.
I had problem to peel off the dough, but I found out that using one silicon sheet on the bottom, then dough and finally with trasparent plastic wrap it was easier. Sorry, but my vaxed paper was soaking humidiry and the tortilla sticked to it (due to the quality of the paper).
Though the plastic it was easy to roll the tortilla and check how thick it was. I removed the upper platic wrap and I trasferred the tortilla in the pan (silicon up). While cooking I removed the silicon sheet.
Thanks a lot for this recipe

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awalde November 02, 2011

I made them too thick to roll, but they were great for enchiladas. Instead of getting rolled, there was a layer on the bottom (over the sauce) and another layer over the filling. They came out great! Has anyone tried subbing lime juice for part of the water? Thank you for posting!

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dogsandwoods May 08, 2011

I love homemade tortillas and do not have a press so I take a piece of Saran wrap (big enough to place under and over a reg.size tortilla) place my small ball of Masa in the center fold over the saran wrap and press down with the bottom of a dinner plate....works for me! Even and round.....

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Jennifer 1979 September 21, 2010
Corn Tortillas