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I made these as a lunchbox treat for the week just gone, I topped with 3 different jams, raspberry, peach & a lemon butter. What a great recipe..it used up some of the stale cereal in the cupboard & was a hit with little miss DD...my jam did ooze a bit over the top when cooking so make sure you make a nice big indentation for it to sit so you don't have a mess all over your patty pans like I did. I got 12 cupcake size mufffins & 12 bite size muffins from this mix. Thanks for posting!

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**Mandy** March 09, 2012

OH MY! These muffins are very very tasty! I simply luv their wonderful texture (very soft due to the cornflakes) and their wonderful fruity taste. I used cherry jam and unsweetened cornflakes. The muffins still had a nice sweet taste from the jam, so I wuldnt use sweetend cornflakes or reduce the amount of sugar used when doing so. Instead of pouring all the batter into the cups, making the indentation and filling in the jam then, I spooned half of the batter into the cups, added the jam and topped with the remaining jam. I think its a bit easier that way for the dough is a bit sticky. I will definitely make these again (maybe sprinkle some with cinnamon sugar next time). They are so yummy! Thanks a lot for sharing, Ceezie!

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Lalaloula February 13, 2009
Corn Flake Jam Filled Muffins