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We loved the custards, and we loved the mushrooms--we just weren't so sure about the two together, so I have to give 4 stars. My husband and I would both like to have these again. I think I'd like to make the mushrooms as an appetizer, but leave them whole instead of slicing. The corn custard was amazing. I couldn't believe it came together so quickly, and came out as smooth as it did in the microwave. My husband wouldn't let me put cayenne in them. He was afraid it would get too spicy, so we just put in a couple dashes of chili powder for a milder flavor. Thanks! Made for 'Please review my Recipe" tag. Oh! A tip for cutting the corn off the cob--flip a custard cup or similar container upside down inside of a large bowl. Put the base of the corn cob on the custard cup, standing it up on end. Holding on to the top (skinny end) of the cob, carefully slice the kernels off. They fall into the bowl instead of splattering and flying all over the place! I just read this tip somewhere recently, but can't remember where, so I can't even give credit!

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SrtaMaestra August 27, 2008

Wow! Who'd have thunk this would be such an outstanding recipe cooked in a microwave! I'd give this 6 or 7 stars if 'Zaar supported that many. These custards came out not only pretty, but delicious. Thanks, Michelle_My_Belle! Made for Newest Zaar Tag 08A game.

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mersaydees January 28, 2008
Corn Custard With Herbed Mushrooms (Microwave)