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I have never baked anything this greasy in my life. I went looking for a recipe to copy some incredible muffins I had at a cafe, and I figured this would work. I was a little thrown off by the amount of butter and oil in them - and when I mixed up the batter, I realized it was the most runny muffin batter I had ever encountered. I added an extra cup of cornmeal to try and thicken it up a little bit, but it didn't help much. I also substituted chives for scallions, which I didn't have, and added a couple tbsps of taco seasoning. I baked them in my stoneware muffin pan as directed for 25 minutes. The result was small, dark muffins still bubbling in their own grease when I took them out of the oven. Even after they cooled, they were still gleaming with fat, which they left in liquid form on the knife and on a plate. The texture was okay on the inside, but the outside was almost crispy. It felt like nothing so much as eating a deep-fried muffin. Also, the flavor was only okay - not much taste beyond butter and cornmeal. This might have been my fault, however, for upping the cornmeal at the end. I've given this recipe two stars because I did, in fact, end up with a muffin and not an inedible hunk of goo or charcoal. And all of the ingredients here are tasty - the ratios are just way off. Don't make these muffins, unless you want your heart to hate you. I can hear my arteries crying plaintively. I think I'm going to go eat some fruit.

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Melodie R. October 09, 2015

These were good muffins, but a little greasy, even with subbing applesauce for about half of the butter/oil. I used nonhydrogenated tub margarine, nonfat milk, and less cheese. The muffins were a third of the fat (but didn't taste it). The batter was extremely liquidy, another reason to cut back on the oil/butter (the ratio of fat in this recipe is 4-5 times what is normal for muffins). I think the flavors (especially the sun dried tomatoes) give this the potential to be 4 stars, with a little tweaking.

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Maito August 14, 2007
Corn, Cheddar, and Sun-Dried Tomato Muffins