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I also seen this recipe but only on a rerun show of hers. However when I made mine (last nite) I did one end of the pan with leftover turkey added, (meat for men). I had to make myself stop eating it ( no meat side) because I would have been sick if I didn't stop it was that good. THANK YOU Marcella

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Sherry S. January 03, 2016

This is excellent! I took the liberty of customizing the recipe to my liking: I made a bit more of the creamy corn sauce (nothing worse than a dry lasagna!); I sliced half a large sweet onion to sauté with the garlic, zucchini and poblanos; I had extra sweet corn (sautéed) to sprinkle over the layers of the poblano/onion/zucchini mixture; and atop one layer I sprinkled a handful of crushed Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. I omitted the thyme completely because while this herb does go nicely with corn (I use it all the time in corn chowder), I didn't think it would work in this recipe. I used shredded Mexican blend cheese and also shredded a small piece of a block of Pepper Jack cheese I had in the refrigerator (I used about 3 cups of cheese in total) because I could not for the life of me find Oaxaca cheese in my local supermarkets (I tried 4) and could not bring myself to use mozzarella. I used regular lasagna noodles (boiled for 10 minutes). I baked the lasagna, covered with sprayed foil, for 55 minutes; uncovered and put under the broiler for about 8 minutes. Magnificent! I will definitely make this again.

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Lynn in MA August 17, 2014
Corn and Poblano Lasagna