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I served this with chicken, and it was delightful. I think it would be exceptionally good with fish. This is very easy to make, and leaves you free to put the finishing touches on other dishes. Thanks for sharing!

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breezermom September 04, 2011

Good but should be served after a few minutes of adding the fresh cilantro/coriander or otherwise the colour dulls significantly and is no longer pretty. The garlic was a nice flavour addition, I used homemade chicken stock, sea salt, to taste, freshly ground black pepper which is not in the ingredients list just the instructions, unrefined extra virgin olive oil (I did find the rice a bit dry because the amount of fat/oil was so low, I always put butter or more canola oil), Indian Basmati rice which I rinsed well and soaked before cooking. This was tasty with Kariokor Nyama Ya Kuchoma (Barbecued Meat Rub, Kenya) as a part of our dinner. I may make this again. Made for ALMOST 5 GAME.

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UmmBinat September 09, 2011

Excellent flavor. I love cilantro/coriander so I knew this was going to be a winner. The garlic takes it to another dimension. This is a keeper. I served it with Shrimp Zarzuela for a wonderful meal. Thanks for posting. :)

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teresas February 24, 2010

Perfect rice with a nice mild flavor! Everyone loved it saying it was better than the rice at the Mexican Restraunt that we went to the day before! Thanks for a winning rice recipe Annacia!

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cookiedog June 19, 2007

This is fabulous. I hope you didn't mind but I used my rice cooker to cook this and it turned out perfectly. I turned the rice cooker on and added the oil, then simmered the garlic for a couple of minutes. I then added the salt, chicken broth and rice, mixed it in well, put the lid on and walked away. Sprinkled the coriander on top before serving. I didn't add the coriander for either of my young daughters and both of them finished all of their rice. Perfect and extremely tasty. Thank you for posting, I will definitely be making this again.

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Jewelies January 03, 2007
Coriander Rice