Coriander Chickpea and Couscous Salad, North Africa

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

This is equally good served hot, room temp or chilled.

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  1. Place the couscous, drained chick peas, oils, garlic, spring onion and chopped lemon or lemon juice in a large heatproof bowl or jug.
  2. Pour boiling water the mix and stir together with a fork. The couscous will absorb the liquids quite quickly.
  3. Add the fresh coriander, reserving a little as a garnish if you wish, and season.
  4. If it is to be eaten hot, this salad should be made just before it is served as it cools quickly. (If necessary, it can be briefly reheated in a microwave, but may need a little more water if this is done although it is best not made too far in advance.) Alternatively it can be left to cool and is ideal served cold, perhaps as part of a buffet.
  5. Sprinkle with reserved coriander, or a few individual leaves and a little sumac powder (optional) or ground black pepper.